EA FC 24 cheapest 85 rated players in Ultimate Team


    You definitely need to know the cheapest 85 rated players in EA FC 24 Ultimate team before completing SBC, because otherwise you will be paying more than you need to and wasting your coins. .

    With so many players to choose from in the Ultimate Team, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the market price of each player in EA FC 24. the game Although, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best deal before investing your coins.

    That’s where we come up with the latest list of the 85 cheapest ranked players in EA FC 24 – so you know exactly who to buy. If you’re looking for other ratings, be sure to check out our other lists of the cheapest players here:

    EA FC 24 cheapest 85 ranked players

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    Check out the list of the 85 cheapest EA FC 24 rated players in Ultimate Team below:

    the player Price
    Khadija Shah 4,300 coins
    Yasin Bono 4,300 coins
    Millibright 4,400 coins
    Manuela Zinberger 4,400 coins
    Aymeric Laporte 4,400 coins
    Amandine Henry 4,400 coins
    Megan Rapinoe 4,400 coins
    Rachel Daly 4,400 coins
    Kira Walsh 4,400 coins
    Jack Grish 4,500 coins
    Merle Farhams 4,500 coins
    Kellan Sheridan 4,500 coins
    Becky Sorbron 4,500 coins
    Hakan Kalhanolglu 4,500 coins
    Thomas Party 4,500 coins
    Karen Trippier 4,600 coins
    Catherine Hendrich 4,600 coins
    Keller Niwas 4,600 coins

    In my opinion, now is the best time to start thinking about getting 85 rated cards, because once popular Icon packs like the popular SBC drop, the value of these cards will increase. Previous years have seen 85s peak at over 14,000 coins, so if you invest right you can make a ton.

    We’ll keep this list updated with all the latest prices and lowest priced players – so make this your stop if you’re looking for the cheapest 85 rated players ever in EA FC 24.

    How much does an 85 rated squad cost in EA FC 24?

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    EA FC 24 Ultimate Team now has to build an 85 rated squad. Your cost is around 48,000 coins..

    This price can and does change depending on demand – and 85 rated cards are probably some of the most in-demand players when SBCs start needing them. If you’re looking to build a squad, we’ve got everything you need, so always come back here to see the cheapest players.

    So, if you are looking for the cheapest EA FC 24 85 rated players then this is all you need.

    We’ve got more stuff like this on our EA FC homepage, so check it out for guides like cheap League and Nation Hybrid SBC solutions.


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