EA FC 24 cheapest 84 rated players in Ultimate Team


    Anyone looking to complete the latest SBCs will want to know who the cheapest 84 rated players are in the EA FC 24 Ultimate team, as it can be very easy to overspend.

    Many of the squad building challenges in EA FC require you to have a minimum team rating or a certain number of high rated players in the squad – so choosing the cheapest option is important. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the cheapest players. the gameBut with our list, you’ll never overspend.

    So, continue reading to see the EA FC 24 cheapest 84 rated players with the latest prices so you can save your hard-earned coins. We also have lists of other cheapest players per rating, so check them out too:

    EA FC 24 cheapest 84 ranked players

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    Here are the cheapest 84 rated players in EA FC 24 that you can use in your SBCs right now:

    More cheap 84 rated players below…
    the player Price
    Fabinho 1,200 coins
    Thiago Silva 1,400 coins
    Pierre Emile Hodgeberg 1,400 coins
    Amanda Elstadt 1,400 coins
    Ruben Neves 1,400 coins
    Quinn Castells 1,400 coins
    Matthias Ginter 1,400 coins
    Serge Gnabry 1,400 coins
    Thomas Muller 1,400 coins
    the player Classification
    Nicholas Soleil. 1,400 coins
    Koke 1,400 coins
    Linda Dalman 1,400 coins
    Pernell Harder 1,400 coins
    Marta 1,400 coins
    Bella Bixby 1,400 coins
    Jane Campbell 1,400 coins
    Clara Mateo 1,400 coins
    Chiamaka Nnadozie 1,400 coins

    Few popular player SBCs have dropped in EA FC so far, requiring players to pick up higher ranked cards to complete them.

    If I were you, I’d definitely consider investing in some 84 rated cards now, as they’ll double, triple, or quadruple in value when a big SBC drops.

    How much does an 84 rated squad cost in EA FC 24?

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    Right now, an 84 rated squad will do. Set you back around 15,000 coins.so you won’t have to spend much to complete SBCs.

    This price may change as the market evolves though, so be sure to check back soon for all the latest updates.

    So, if you are looking for the cheapest EA FC 24 cheapest 84 rated players right now, this covers everything you need.

    Be sure to visit our EA FC homepage for all the latest news and guides, or find out how to complete the Hybrid Leagues SBC in EA FC 24 here.


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