Dwarf Castle – How to use Bills


    Tips for using Burrows

    • So pressing “U” creates a bro which is a capital U.
    • Then you “add new bill” and paint all the places you want to put in this bill. Don’t forget the different Z levels.
    • After painting the bill it lets you customize how it looks. This is only superficial because it can help people who like to have 30+ bills in one castle.
    • After customizing you press “Accept”.
    • At this point the bill is formed but there will be no dwarf in it. So click on Assign dorf and do “Civilians: All”.
    • Now you are almost done. I would recommend toggling the dwarves ability to supply the source from outside of Barry.
    • You use “Suspend this bill” any time you don’t want it to jiggle in place.

    Note: If you turn on a bill, and a Dwarf was already going for a task, they will try to finish that task first. This can get them killed, so be careful, you may need to remove them from their job or add them to a squad to “reset” your order.

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