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    In the Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ, players progress through missions and levels to unlock new ones. The Route Forward is the last story mission for the Tier 5 White Lotus Faction. For this mission, you need to infiltrate a heavily guarded area and plant trackers on some enemy vehicles.

    The Route Forward DMZ mission

    AQ Trucks (yellow markers) and Server Rack (green marker)
    • Loot seven Tracking Devices from the Al Sharim Pass Dumpster.
    • Place seven tracking devices on AQ trucks in Sattiq caves in a single deployment.
    • Travel to the server rack in the bunker in Sattiq Caves and download the data.

    Where to loot tracking devices at Al Sharim Pass

    If you have selected The Route Forward quest, the tracking devices will automatically appear for you at the Al Sharim Pass stalemate. This is one of several garbage cans on the map and you have most likely used it before while performing certain tasks. Open the deadlock and stow the tracking devices in your backpack.

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    Where to find the AQ trucks in the Sattiq caves

    Now head to Sattiq Cave Complex, a POI located in the western part of the map. You will see the first Al-Qatala truck just outside the entrance to the Sattiq Upper Caverns Denied Area. Approach the side of the truck and you will be prompted to place the tracking device. Alternatively, you can climb on top of the truck and plant the crawler from there. The next three AQ trucks can be found inside the cave, however, be careful as the denied area is well guarded by several armored bots. The trucks you are looking for should be the ones with the Al-Qatala logo painted on them (see second image).

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    For the remaining three AQ trucks, you will need to head to the caves by the river which you must have visited during the Caved In quest. In the image above, you can see that a truck will be on top of the caves. The last two trucks can be found inside the caves below.

    Where is the bunker with the server rack in Sattiq Caves?

    Once all the tracking devices are in place, head to the isolated bunker, which is located next to one of the extraction points in Sattiq’s cave complex. In one of the bunker sections, you will see the servers and an activation switch. Approach the switch and press the interact button when a prompt appears to download the data from the server. The download will finish in a few seconds and you will complete the mission.

    Route Forward DMZ mission reward

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    After completing The Route Forward White Lotus Tier 5 faction quest, players unlock the Chisel weapon model for the SA-B 50 marksman rifle. On top of that, a bonus of 40000 XP is also rewarded.

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