Dungeon Hunter 6 Tier List


    Dungeon Hunter 6 is an action-packed role-playing game for your mobile device. Since there are so many characters to choose from, I will tell you about the best ones below.

    Best Lieutenants in Dungeon Hunter 6

    With the mechanics of killing bosses, looting loot, and upgrading, come many characters with various abilities that you can choose from. Each of them works differently, so what you choose in a level is entirely up to you.

    Level Lieutenant
    Yes Archmage Herbert, Bridget, Karetta, Keeper of the Ruins, Ser Charlie
    TO Interrogator of Agony, Cabal Hellcaller, Demon Wolf, Harpy, Wyvern Herald
    b Big Mouth Huron, Haliburt Alemead, Roth, Nora, Rime Lady, Ravanger
    c Astarak, Barbek, Skeleton Archer, Mahasti, Necronomicon, Terrorfiend, Red Protoceratop

    S-level lieutenants in Dungeon Hunter 6

    S-tier lieutenants have the best of everything: their stats like health, attack, defense, and penetration, combined with their specific skills. You really can’t go wrong with these.

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    Archmage Herbert

    Archmage Herbert is a ranged lieutenant with 21088 health, 270 attack, 195 defense and 138 penetration, with the elemental power of fire. Use this ability to attack targets with close combat capabilities. If you manage to play as Archmage Herbert, you will have no problem fighting bosses alone.

    be charlie

    Ser Charlie possesses the elemental ability to waterand is one of the best tanks you can play in Dungeon Hunter 6. With 22143 health, 234 attack, 204 defense and 146 penetration, it can easily contain all incoming damage as you or your team can deal passive hits to bosses during an easy fight.


    Bridget is the archer in Dungeon Hunter 6, as she uses fire as its elemental power, since it causes a lot of damage from a distance, penetrating enemies without any problem since it has 20034 health, 246 attack, 185 defense and 169 penetration.

    Since there are many more Lieutenants to use in Dungeon Hunter 6, I recommend that you try them all and see which one suits you best, since in the end what matters is whether you have fun playing. They all have their own abilities, which may best suit your play style.

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