Draza reveals why picking FaZe over OpTic was a ‘no-brainer’



    From “clowns” to “s**t stains”, to teammates. Zac’s Arrival”Length“Jordan to Atlanta could be one of the most storied turns of events in Fez.” Call of Duty History. Alas, now they’re all singing the same song instead of flipping off each other on stage.

    Atlanta FaZe has officially announced the signing of Drazah after three years on the LA Thieves, ending a fierce rivalry. Call of Duty As foes esports have put their grievances to rest to create one of the scariest looking teams of all time.

    But as one of the CDL’s hottest free agents, FaZe wasn’t always going to be a destination for Drazah, and now he’s revealed why it was a “no-brainer” to snag the OpTic offer.

    Darza explains why he chose FaZe over OpTic.

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    As the LA Thieves prepare for a complete overhaul this season, Drazah joins other flexes like Daunte in free agency.SahibGray, and quickly became the target of two of the league’s biggest organizations in OpTic and FaZe.

    Draza now claims that it was OpTic who made the first approach and that he was seriously considering the move until FaZe swooped in. “I had an offer from OpTic and thought about it, but once FaZe beat me after a few days, I was kind of a no-brainer,” he said on talk show The Flank.

    “A top-three finish in every single event. That’s his worst position. [since the CDL was formed]. To achieve that level of consistency, it’s just a no-brainer.”

    “We had a lot of potential with OpTic, if I had signed, but there was a chance we wouldn’t be as consistent, so it made sense to go with the top three team in every event, and honestly I think I’m better than the last four of those two and I’ll be able to show up on Sunday and win the championship.”

    Drazah opens up about solving the FaZe rivalry by joining them.

    For years, Drazah has been going head-to-head with FaZe, whether it’s forcing them into petty skirmishes online or harassing them on stage with dual middle finger signals at the Grand Finals.

    So with Draza now joining his rivals, he now explains that the hatchet has been buried and that the first hatchet barely existed at all.

    “Most of my beef with them was in-game, and in-game means nothing to me. I’m very competitive and if I’m not on your team, I’m talking trash to you. It helps me get in the mood and get ready to play, and I think I play better when I have beef with someone because it makes me want to beat them more,” he added on The Flan.

    “At the end of the day, we’re all trying to win, and we all believe each other has the best chance to win.” FaZe became one of only two teams to confirm their rosters for the upcoming year, as Toronto Ultra signed Dylan.Envoy“Hanan earlier this week.



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