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    We’ve got everything you need to know if you were wondering how to complete Chapter 1 of Season’s Journey. Diablo 4As on the other hand there are plenty of rewards waiting for you that make it worth the effort.

    Deadly season is finally here, and with it comes tons of content. Diablo For players to enjoy the game – Including new Season Journey chapters and their respective challenges.

    So, if you want to know how to complete Chapter 1 of Season’s Journey. Diablo 4all you have to do is continue reading below.

    How to complete Chapter 1 of the Season Journey in Diablo 4

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    To complete chapter 1 of my new season journey Diablo 4You only need to complete seven of the nine available objectives. This is perfect if you’re up against one or two particular challenges, as you can skip them in favor of other easier options.

    You can choose any seven of the nine available objectives, and they don’t even have to be completed in order. Here are all the objectives available within Chapter 1. Diablo 4 Season Trip:

    Name of the target The need for purpose
    Hangman’s Garden Collect 15 Gallo Wine.
    The heart of corruption Collect a Deadly Heart, which is available after completing or quitting the campaign.
    Dean of Evil Complete any dungeon found on the map.
    Trouble in the wild Complete any global event found on the map.
    In the frozen darkness Complete three dungeons in Broken Peaks.
    What hangs down? Complete the cellar found on the map.
    The kind stranger Complete the five priority or side questions.
    The keeper of the keys. Collect a Whisper Key, sold at the Purveyor of Curiosities.
    Not waste Save 10 common items at the blacksmith.

    As you can see, the objectives here are fairly straightforward – especially for any experienced player – and should be easily completed throughout your Sanctuary journey. If we were to recommend two that you should skip, it would probably be Kind Stranger and Into the Frozen Dark, purely because they both take longer.

    Diablo 4 Season Journey Chapter 1 Rewards

    Some of the unique gear you can get in Diablo 4 Season Journey content.

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    Once you have completed Chapter 1 of Season’s Journey. Diablo 4you will be entitled to all the following rewards:

    • Large fever drops
    • First trip cash
    • A native charge aspect
    • Underground aspect
    • Aspect of the Pestilent Points
    • Side of Gore Coils
    • Aspect of Searing Wards

    As you can see, the rewards on offer here are quite attractive indeed, making it worth completing Chapter 1. Diablo 4 Travel of the season. Additionally, it also unlocks access to Chapter 2, which brings with it new rewards to claim and new objectives to complete in Deadly Season.

    So, that’s everything you need to know about Chapter 1 of Season’s Journey. Diablo 4Showing you how to complete seven required objectives and all the rewards you’ll be entitled to once you do it.

    Want to dive into more news and guides while you’re enjoying Season 1? Check out all of our Season of the Dead coverage and more on our Diablo homepage.


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