Does Sons of The Forest have VR support at launch?


    The Forest is one of the few survival crafting titles to come with Vr Support, and now gamers are wondering if Sons of The Forest is VR compatible.

    Does Sons of The Forest have VR at launch?

    If you are wondering if Sons of The Forest has VR support, the answer is unconfirmed. The developers have not confirmed if VR support is a feature at launch, nor has any promotional material mentioned it. However, we believe that VR support will not happen until after its launching. The main reason is that it would be a nightmare to simultaneously develop such a huge survival game for VR and PC.

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    It also doesn’t help that Sons of The Forest is apparently four times bigger than the original Forest, according to IGNand has improved graphics at the level of some triple a games. The other reason we don’t think there’s VR support is that the original The Forest didn’t get VR support until much later in its development. In short, VR support wasn’t released for The Forest until 2018one year after the original game was released on Steam Early Access in 2016. Because of this, we must wait and see how the release of Sons of The Forest turns out before we can learn more about potential VR support.

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