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    With the second beta of MW3 underway, you may be wondering whether cross-play is enabled or not. Whether you’re on consoles or PC, having crossplay active affects the types of games you’ll play. Fortunately, I’ve already had a chance to play for a bit and can give you the confirmation you’re looking for.

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    Is Crossplay enabled for MW3 Beta?

    If you are playing MW3 Beta on a PC, crossplay is automatically enabled and cannot be changed. Crossplay allows players to play with others on different platforms. This means that no matter what platform you play on, all players will be able to play together without problems.

    If you’re on a console, Crossplay should be enabled automatically, especially if you’ve been playing MW2 on the same Activision account. If new, the option should still be enabled inherently. There have been questions about this sort of thing in the past, but I can confirm that it is available for MW3 Beta.

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    If, for some reason, you think Crossplay may be disabled or you want to disable it yourself, open the Modern Warfare 3 Beta Client, then go to Options –> Account and Network. From here, the crossplay The option will be at the top of the menu. The Crossplay option is only visible to console players, regardless of what platform you are on. For PC, you You cannot view or interact with this option.

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