Does Fallout 3 work on Steam Deck? (Best settings)


    The Fallout franchise is one of Bethesda’s biggest (along with The Elder Scrolls), so it’s no surprise that fans want to know the best way to play the game. With the Fallout TV show now available to enjoy on Prime, even more fans have flocked to the games and the franchise, increasing the number of players for each game. If you’re wondering if your Steam Deck can handle the game and what the best settings would be, this guide is for you.

    Can Fallout 3 be run on Steam Deck?

    Fallout 3 Steam Page say what the game can be “played” on Steam Deck. However, the game worked perfectly for me and many fans online have had the same experience. The main issue Steam mentions for the game is that the game’s launch/settings tool may require a touchscreen or virtual keyboard or be difficult to read. I will say that the configuration tool had a very small font, but that wasn’t a big deal to me. The other issue Steam points out is that entering text may require manually invoking the virtual keyboard. I haven’t really had this problem so far, but it’s something to keep in mind while playing. Overall, the game runs extremely well on the Steam Deck with minimal issues.

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    Best Settings for Fallout 3 on Steam Deck

    Since Fallout 3 is an older game, you can play with the settings more than games coming out today. As with most Steam Deck games, there are a few different “best settings”, depending on what you want to achieve. You’ll want to have different settings if you want your battery to last longer than you would if you want to have the best possible graphics in the game.

    If you want to save battery, I recommend using medium settings for everything. While this reduces the quality of the graphics, it ensures that you can play much longer than if you ran it with maximum graphics. If you run everything at medium level, you will be able to move 60FPS consistently, which is perfect for the game.

    For those of you who don’t mind draining the battery or having your Steam Deck docked, you can increase the settings to high. Even at high settings, the game will consistently get 60FPS unless you are charging into a new area or surrounded by numerous enemies. However, even then, you will have around 50FPS. I started seeing my framerate drop below 40 when playing on ultra high mode, so I’m sticking with high. This game is one of those that can really shine on the Steam Deck without any problems.

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