All challenges and rewards in the FFXIV 2024 Yokai Watch Event


    After a years-long hiatus, one of Final Fantasy XIV’s most popular collab events is returning to Eorzea. The Yo-kai Watch event is back with plenty of activities for players to embark on and an incredible amount of rewards to obtain.

    If you’re new to this event, here’s our handy guide for all challenges and rewards in the FFXIV Yokai Watch Event.

    How to unlock the FFXIV 2024 Yokai Watch event

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    As with most special events in Final Fantasy XIV, you must first find the event-related NPC somewhere in the game and pick up the quest they provide to kick things off. For the 2024 Yo-kai Watch event, you’ll need to head over to the city of Ul’dah, in the Steps of Nald area.

    The NPC you want to find is the Poor-Heeled Youth at (X:9.2, Y:9.1), not far at all from the main aetheryte. Speak to them and they’ll give you the quest titled “A Complete Game Changer”. Note that your character must have at least one job at Level 15 or higher, and you must have one of the following quests completed first:

    • The Gridanian Envoy
      • Quest Giver: Kan-E-Senna – Old Gridania (X:6.2, Y:6.1)
    • The Lominsan Envoy
      • Quest Giver: Merlwyb – Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:3.5, Y:3.4)
    • The Ul’dahn Envoy
      • Quest Giver: Rauban – Ul’dah Steps of Nald (X:8.4, Y:8.9)

    Once you have the event quest, complete its brief objective and the Poor-Heeled Youth will give you a Yo-kai Watch bracelet accessory, 1 x Yo-Kai Medal, and a Yo-Kai Medallium. These are important as they will help you obtain Yo-kai Medals, which are the key to unlocking all of the rewards.

    Note that you must equip the Yo-Kai Watch itself to your character, turning it into a glamour piece will not work.

    How to start if you’ve done the Yokai Watch event before

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    If you have done the Yo-kai Watch event before during its previous iterations in 2016, 2017, or 2020, then you’ll likely notice a small difference when trying to start it again.

    For instance, the Poor-Heeled Youth NPC will not be present in Ul’dah with the starting quest, as you’ve already done it in a previous version of the Yokai Watch event. Instead, you’ll need to find the Yo-kai Watch accessory you used before, wherever you might have stored it. Check your retainers, your inventory, or your Armoire which can be used to store event-related items.

    If you don’t see it in any of those places, don’t fret as you can go get a new Yo-kai Watch from the Recompense Officer (as seen above) NPC, who is next to the Calamity Salvager in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks at (X:11.3, Y:14.3). Speak to them and scroll down to the ‘Purchase Other Seasonal Event Items’ category. The Yo-kai Watch should be about halfway down, for 100 gil. Buy it and equip it.

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    How to obtain Yokai Medals in the FFXIV 2024 Yokai Watch event

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    Once you have your Yo-Kai Watch strapped to your wrist, first head over to the Gold Saucer and speak to an Au’ra NPC named The Wandering Executive (or ‘Nohi’ if you’ve done the event before) in Entrance Square at (X:5.2, Y:6.9). Use the 1 x Yo-kai Medal you were given from the previous quest to obtain your first Yo-kai Minion, Jibanyan.

    Now it’s time to head out into the open worlds to farm FATEs. Completing these with a Silver or Gold rating will reward you with 1 x Yo-Kai Medal per FATE, along with the usual Gil and EXP (if your character’s equipped job isn’t at 90 yet).

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    The initial goal here is to complete as many FATEs as you can in the qualifying open-world areas and get as many Yo-kai medals from them as possible. The areas you can grind these Yo-Kai FATEs at include:

    • La Noscea, The Black Shroud, Thanalan (A Realm Reborn regions)
    • All Heavensward regions
    • All Stormblood regions

    Those Yo-kai Medals can then be used to acquire more Yo-kai minions from Nohi at the Gold Saucer, and there are 17 Yo-kai Minions total to collect. They serve not only as one type of reward for this event, but they’re the key to unlocking the other rewards including Yo-kai glamour weapons and mounts.

    How to obtain more Yokai minions in the FFXIV Yokai Watch event

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    After getting Jibanyan as your first Yo-kai minion, you’ll then need to acquire the rest of them to collect the rest of the event’s rewards. To do that, you need to build up your pile of Yo-kai Medals from completed FATEs.

    Once you have some, return to Nohi at the Gold Saucer and exchange them for more of the available minions. After Jibanyan, each Yo-Kai minion will cost 3 x Yo-kai Medals. That means, excluding Jibanyan, you will need 48 Yo-kai Medals altogether to unlock all the minions.

    There’s no set order you need to unlock and obtain the minions, but you can choose to either farm all of the Yo-kai Medals you need early on and then get all the minions at once, or do it gradually. Your pace is yours to choose.

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    How to obtain Yokai weapons in the FFXIV Yokai Watch event

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    The next big step in the Yo-kai Watch event is to unlock and obtain all of the special Yo-kai glamour weapons for each class. There are 17 weapons to collect in all, spanning nearly every DoW and DoM class in the game. As of the 2024 event, there is unfortunately no Yo-kai weapon for the Sage or Reaper classes.

    Nohi in the Gold Saucer is the vendor for these weapons as well, and to get them you’ll need to first collect Legendary Medals, which are separate from the regular Yo-kai Medals. Each weapon costs 10 x Legendary Medals and has a specific Yo-kai character theme. For instance, the Warrior Weapon is Jibanyan-themed, and thus you will need to collect 10 x Legendary Jibanyan Medals to obtain it.

    To get these different Legendary Medals, you first need to have their respective Yo-Kai minion summoned. In the case of the Warrior weapon, you need to summon Jibanyan, the first minion you received.

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    Next, you need to go and farm qualifying FATEs in areas specifically catered to that minion. In the case of Jibanyan, you can go to either Lower La Noscea, Central Shroud, or Central Thanalan. The Legendary Medals for each minion must be farmed in their respective areas, and remember that you must have that minion actively summoned to get the medals to drop.

    Also, the Legendary Medals are not a guaranteed drop on every FATE, but as long as you receive either a Silver or Gold medal, there is a substantial drop rate (every 3-4 FATEs on average).

    As soon as you have your 10 Legendary Medals, you can return to the Gold Saucer and exchange them for the respective weapon.

    All Legendary Yo-Kai Medals and where to get them

    Since Legendary Medals are acquired by farming FATEs in specific regions, it’s important to know where to go for a specific type of Legendary Medal. Below we’ve listed all qualifying regions for the 2024 Yo-Kai Watch event, and the Legendary Medals that can be farmed there.

    Again, remember to have the correct minion summoned when farming FATEs. (e.g. – If you want Blizzaria Legendary Medals, you need to have the Blizzaria minion summoned.)

    Qualifying FATE Area Available Legendary Medals
    Central Shroud Kyubi, Jibanyan, Venoct
    East Shroud Komajiro, Komasan, Shogunyan
    North Shroud Blizzaria, Noko, Ronoyan F-Type
    South Shroud Whisper, Manjimutt, Hovernyan
    Middle La Noscea Blizzaria, Venoct, USApyon
    Lower La Noscea Kyubi, Jibanyan, Shogunyan
    Western La Noscea Komajiro, Komasan, Hovernyan
    Upper La Noscea Whisper, Manjimutt, Rononyan F-Type
    Outer La Noscea Blizarria, Noko, USApyon
    Central Thanalan Komajiro, Jibanyan, Shogunyan
    Western Thanalan Kyubi, Venoct, USApyon
    Eastern Thanalan Komasan, Manjimutt, Hovernyan
    Southern Thanalan Whisper, Noko, Rononyan F-Type
    All Heavensward Regions Lord Ananta, Zazel
    All Stormblood Regions Lord Enma, Damona

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    Tips for getting credit during Yokai Watch event FATEs

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    Since a lot of players will be participating and grinding the same FATEs simultaneously, you’ll want to make sure that you have a reliable mount for transportation, preferably a flying one, so that you can get to a FATE and obtain enough credit before it’s completed.

    Also, if you have one, choose a combat class (tank/healer/DPS) that has quick attacks for quick damage, as casting may leave you high and dry if the FATE goes down too quickly. Many players may also be using the Blu Mage limited class for increased damage, so be on your toes with getting those hits in.

    Above all, to ensure that you get maximum credit in each FATE, make sure to create or join a group via the FATE tab in the Party Finder menu. During the event, a lot of players will be making PFs throughout the day to assist others who need help with getting credit for FATEs, so take full advantage of that when possible.

    How to get all the 2024 Yokai Watch event mounts

    On top of all the minions and weapons you can obtain from the Yo-kai Watch event in Final Fantasy XIV, there are also a total of three mounts you can get as well for your efforts.

    The first is the Whisper Go Mount, which is unlocked by obtaining at least 13 Yo-kai minions. Once you do, the achievement “You Must Needs Befriend Them All I” will unlock, and you can go into your Achievements tab to obtain the mount.

    The second is the Whisper-a-go-go Mount (seen above), which is similar to the first mount except this one glows and has a small Jibanyan companion hanging off the side of it. You unlock this one by obtaining 13 Yo-kai weapons, which will be a considerable grind. Once you do, the “More Inventory Slots, Please I” achievement will unlock, and you can retrieve the mount from there.

    The third and final one is the Jibanyan Couch mount (seen above), which was added in the 2020 version of the event. To get this special mount you will need to obtain all 17 Yo-kai weapons. Once you have them all, the “More Inventory Slots, Please II” achievement will unlock, where the mount can be obtained as well.

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    New Framer’s Kit Reward Item Added

    In addition to all of the previous rewards mentioned, a new Yokai-themed Framer’s Kit has also been added, for players who enjoy customizing their Adventurer Plates. Simply talk to Nohi at the Gold Saucer and scroll down to the ‘Framer’s Kit’ option near the bottom. Rather than Yo-kai Medals, this can be purchased for 20,000 MGP.

    How long will the 2024 Yokai Watch event last?

    Players will have plenty of time to enjoy and grind the 2024 Yo-kai Watch event this time around, as its current schedule has it lasting from April 24 all the way to “the release of 7.0”, or Dawntrail. Given that the upcoming expansion’s launch is slated for July 2, that means this iteration of the Yo-kai Watch event will be available for just over two months.

    While most of the other seasonal events in Final Fantasy XIV return annually, the unique collab events tend to have their own schedule, with appearances every other year or so. In the case of the Yo-kai Watch event, it only passes through Eorzea every few years now. Before this, its last appearance was way back in 2020, near the end of the Shadowbringers expansion.

    That concludes our guide to all challenges and rewards in the 2024 FFXIV Yokai Watch event. We hope you found this helpful, and let us know which weapons, minions, and mounts you like the most from the event.

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