Doctor’s disdain for focusing on skins over gameplay is raining down on MW3.


    Former Call of Duty developer turned streamer Herschel”Disrespect to Dr.Baehm took aim at the Modern Warfare 3 reveal, claiming that they “need to bring back the culture of the industry,” as the trailer focused more on skins than gameplay.

    The Doctor has put a lot of strain on his relationship with his former employers after being vocal about the shortcomings of Call of Duty and has even started a boycott of Modern Warfare 2 after Nick.Nickmarks“Kolshev Skin Drama.

    However, his love for old-school CoDs is still evident, and the new Modern Warfare 3 trailer has made him bitter.

    Dr Disrespect criticizes Modern Warfare 3 trailer.

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    The new Modern Warfare 3 trailer didn’t show much in the way of actual gameplay, with just a two-second clip of slide cancel and ADS action clouded by an array of productions for new maps and skins, much to the dismay of Dr. of the.

    “How much do you think it cost them to get Spawn there? A million or something?” He asked the first question In a recent live streambefore hitting the MW3 trailer and lack of gameplay.

    “Then they put the production into this video. They’re making high-end production video pieces on the new skins in the game!”

    “The state of this industry, I don’t know where we’re at, man. It’s not what I grew up with. It was literally about the fun side of playing games and interacting with games, but now People are encouraging it. High-production video pieces.”

    Dr Bezeti calls for a return to gaming ‘culture’ rather than cosmetic hype.

    It would be quite a surprise if we ever see the Doc set foot on Warzone, and by extension Modern Warfare 3, unless the nostalgia maps have that much power.

    The streamer continued to acknowledge that the single-player genre is thriving, and questioned why multiplayer couldn’t get the same gameplay support.

    “We need to bring back the culture of this industry,” he added.

    “Where’s my thousand man BR in a game that looks like cyberpunk in this state?”

    Dr Disresepct’s Deaddrop has continued its development in recent weeks and has even shown off bits of Car Warfare that will be on Vertical BR, but the massive 1000-player lobby he aspires to is his own studio’s. It may be too far away.


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