Alan Walker 2 cast list and all English voice actors


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    Alan Wake 2 is just around the corner, and as with all Remedy Entertainment games, it’s worth checking out the list of voice actors and characters. Remedy has always used the best choice of actors for the characters in their games and Alan Wake 2 is no different.

    It’s been 13 years since we last saw Alan Wake in his own game, though there was a remaster in 2021. We also learned more about Alan Wake in the Control AWE expansion, which serves as a setup for Alan Wake 2 and that’s fine. First playable The sequel Released soon.

    Below, we’ve outlined the cast of Alan Walker 2, including some of the actors’ earlier careers that you may recognize.

    List of Alan Wake 2 English voice actors

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    Here is the English voice cast for Alan Wake 2 so far:

    • Aka Willie – Alan Wake (Similar)
    • Matthew Porretta – Alan Wake (vocals)
    • Melanie Labard – Saga Anderson
    • Mr. Door – David Harewood
    • Janina Gaonkar – Agent Karan Estevez
    • Tim Breaker – Sean Ashmore
    • James McCaffrey – Alex Casey

    The full cast of Alan Walker 2 isn’t out yet, so we’ll update this section as more cast members are announced, but we do know who will be playing the lead role.

    What are some of the cast members of Alan Walker 2 famous for?

    Aka Willie – Alan Wake (Similar)

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    Finnish actor Akka Vili has done his likeness to Alan Wake since the character’s first appearance and has been in the role ever since. Apart from this, he has also appeared in TV shows. Border town And The Invisible Hero.

    Matthew Porretta – Alan Wake (vocals)

    This is actually the first time that Matthew Porretta has lent his voice to the character of Alan Wick, although you may have heard him. Max Payne Games. Matthew Porretta has also appeared in many TV shows over the years including Suits, White Collar, and Jessica Jones.

    Melanie Labard – Saga Anderson

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    Melanie Labord plays another likable character in the game – an FBI agent trying to unravel the mystery of Bright Falls. Like the rest of the actors in the cast, he has plenty of TV credits, including the recent HBO drama Idol And I’m a recurring character This is us.

    Here’s everything we know so far about the Alan Wake 2 voice actors. We will update this page as more information about the cast list comes to light.

    While you’re here, why not check out our preview of the upcoming game? For everything else, check out our Allen Week 2 homepage.


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