DMZ Information Overload Mission Guide


    In the Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ, there are many faction missions that require you to collect supplies. The Information Overload mission asks players to search for UAVs, reconnaissance drones, and encrypted hard drives. Although these are rare items to find in the DMZ, you can easily get them if you search in the right places.

    DMZ Information Overload Mission

    The Information Overload mission consists of the following three tasks:

    • Mine 24 UAVs, Advanced UAVs, or Counter UAVs
    • Deliver 35 Recon Drones to any Dead End Dumpster
    • Extract 20 encrypted hard drives

    Where to find UAVs in the DMZ

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    The first task in the Information Overload mission is the easiest to complete because the UAVs can be found easily. After collecting cash by looting and completing contracts, you can head to a Buy Station and purchase UAVs and Advanced UAVs for $12000 each. Since each shop has a limited supply of these killstreaks and some shops don’t even have UAVs, you’ll need to visit various buy stations around the map. On the other hand, Counter UAVs don’t spawn in shops and rarely spawn in the DMZ, so you won’t find them very often.

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    Where to find reconnaissance drones in the DMZ

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    Recon Drones can be found inside loot caches such as supply crates, duffel bags, lockers, and toolboxes. Instead of mining Recon Drones, you have to deposit them in any of the six dumpsters on the map. You can also equip a Recon Drone as your field upgrade while selecting your loadout before deployment. This will ensure that you have at least one of these teams to bank each game.

    Where to find DMZ encrypted hard drives

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    The encrypted hard drive is a special item in DMZ. These items are worth $5000 and spawn less frequently than regular hard drives. Computers are the loot cache you mainly need to search for this rare item. On top of that, you can rarely find encrypted hard drives inside toolboxes, lockers, and even on shelves. For the best chance of finding these items, search inside the various locked rooms in Al Mazrah, especially room 302 and the supply drops.

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