Disney Lorcana brings a brand new Action Card!



    Ravensburger and Disney have announced a new card for their new collectible trading card game, Disney Lorcana. This card appeared in a special live stream, where it seems as though the two companies will have a glimpse into their cards in one direction or another. This is an interesting approach, except that if they do a healthy card, it will take two years to do this weekly. But we’re hoping there’s more to show soon!

    Credit: Ravensburger

    This is a card called Dragon Fire that is in English language of Maleficent, who has a black handwritten by her in her dragon form, with a cursed green fire sweeping the green people, they are in sound like a normal one in Sleeping Beauty. When this card becomes available, the Illumineers will bribe a selected character when they play their opponent. This particular card was designed by a illustrator Luis Huerta, who is a previously announced artist for the game that also designed theMaleficent Monstrous Dragoncard. It’s just fine now, but until we see what the rest of the set looks like, it’s not even cool until it’s final. We’re waiting until the full release of this game, which we assume will be sometime in 2023.

    Credit: Ravensburger.

    “Through the magic of Disney, Lorcana is easy to learn for newcomers and aims to increase the enjoyment of TCGs. Disney fans enjoy beautiful illustrations and overarching storyline, and play with their favorite characters in new and new ways. Besides veteran players will appreciate the thoughtful and unique mechanics that Ravensburger is known for offering. It’s set in the rich and fantastical world of Lorcana, the combination of Lore and Arcana. Players will take on the mantle of Illumineer, a powerful sorcerer, and cast together the Disney characters from Lorcana’s “Great Illuminary,” a treasure of all movies and movies he’s ever made.



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