ASTLIBRA: Revision – Chapter 4 Bubble Puzzle Solution



    This puzzle was a little weird and I haven’t seen any other guides on it, so if anyone else is having trouble, here it is.

    Chapter 4 How to solve the bubble puzzle

    answer me.

    The wall in the back room shows the answer. It has different card suits on it, and in order it is heart, club, spade, diamond. The statues in the next room match the colors of these suits. as usually Cards are in play, so set statues to red, black, black, red. It’s really simple but I was very disappointed because I couldn’t find it, and I could only get help on the JP walkthrough.

    Anyway, before you think it’s obvious, I’ll just say that many modern playing card sets and other video games will show some of these suits in colors other than red or black (I’ve seen clubs seen as green and diamonds (eg yellow). And the game may have some pretty obtuse puzzles, but I think that’s part of the charm. Hope this is helpful to someone who needs it.



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