Disney Dreamlight Valley Patch Notes (September 2023)


    Plenty of more fun features and content are coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley, from all of our favorite characters coming to the game to brand-new quests and rewards. The developers have shared everything we can expect in upcoming updates, and we have all of them listed from the patch notes below, so you’ll know exactly what to expect!

    Disney Dreamlight Valley Enchanted Adventure Patch Notes – September 13, 2023

    These are all changes and improvements coming to the game with the Enchanted Adventure update on September 13, 2023. Be sure to download the update after release to see them in your game.

    New Content and Improvements:

    • Beauty and The Beast Realm
    • Belle and Beast characters with Friendship Quests and rewards
    • Ursula‚Äôs Transformation Dream Bundle with a human form Dream Style in the Premium Shop, including exclusive quests, outfits, accessories, and furniture
    • Haunted Holiday Star Path
    • New quests continuing the story of The Forgotten
    • Limited-time items in the Premium Shop
    • Seasonal Halloween Dreamlight Duties on October 24 – November 1
    • Receive more units of fences and paths when crafting
    • Items previously found exclusively in pouches are now available in Scrooge’s Shop

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    Top Bug Fixes

    • Memory Optimization Improvements
    • DreamSnaps Improvements
    • Fixed “Sprouting a Story” quest bugs where players couldn’t reach the book page in Mother Gothel’s house
    • Fixed “What’s Left Behind” quest bug where players couldn’t speak to The Forgotten
    • Fixed “Boss Up” quest bug where Scar’s Lure could disappear
    • Fixed “Meddling Mirabel” quest bug where player’s were unable to reach the cash register key
    • Fixed “Eyes in the Dark” quest bug where the bridge wouldn’t lower across the river and the cutscene would fail to play
    • The Forgotten will now change their appearance to match the player after leaving the Wardrobe menu
    • New animations and VFX to The Forgotten
    • Various UI fixes
    • Various visual and audio fixes
    • Various additional bug fixes and optimization

    These are all the exciting changes coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley soon! From little fixes that help improve the game overall to new features to grow the experience even more, you won’t want to miss out on everything being brought in. Keep tuned for more news on patch notes and updates in the future!

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