Disney Dreamlight Valley fans wastes their time crafting dozens of chests and demand an updated inventory system


    Inventory management is the worst way to live and the same goes for Disney Dreamlight Valley. It’s a game with animal crossing on the outside. The valley is open to everyone. As you see fit, you can create friends and create houses that look good. If you go beyond the realm of collecting material, gathering flowers and the production of ingredients, then you realize that the standard inventory that players are provided with isn’t enough. Fans have started to notice how annoying inventory management in Disney Dreamlight Valley is, and they are demanding an overhaul.

    Thank you for loving Disney God. Please allow us to expand the size of Crafted Chests or build bigger versions of this book.

    Recently many fans started pitching various ideas on Reddit, so that the current inventory management situation in DDV is a bit more efficient. If you tried to store a number of items in the game, you know that the current storage is just a safe ad, which can be upgraded as well as how many ad items you build. The chests can be crafted by anyone with limited access to 16 different items, but it’s not even enough to be able to hold all of the flowers.

    Due to that, players resorted to dedicating inventory to whole rooms of their homes, or to whole sections of the valley. This made many interesting designs. From these several propositions, the makers of Disney Dreamlight could decide a different size that could hold more items, reorganizing new types of chests, like closets and refrigerators, and creating a system of tablekeepers that can allow players to label the each items they craft, and even with different colors.

    Any of these changes could help the inventory management system in the game even better. Imagine going to be able to upgrade the original chests so you can store all the necessary items that make Hot Chocolate. The devs have listened to the fan feedback in the past so they’re now working to improve this system.


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