Call of Duty Warzone 2.0: a new bug is ruining some players’ experiences


    The call of duty warzone 2.0 launched two days ago, so that, while awaiting the arrival of the Rebirth map in Warzone 2 with season 2, the video ramblings of several bugs degrade the experience of several players, continues to disgrade.

    Indeed, it’s the one that the user reported on Reddit in the last few hours, whose gameplay clip linked to the offending game error aligns with the latest reports of the bug for which some streamers would have been banned for making many kills. While the Warzone 2.0 community continue to report that many errors occurred, it would be a little bit different.

    As per the news, despite a new thread from the well-known platform Reddit, there is a bug, for which some of your equipment may fail during the game. In detail, the user video shows how one of the players’ weapons suddenly disappeared and was hidden for no apparent reason, especially during a crucial play.

    This game sucks, ca***. The weapon disappeared and the ammunition box couldn’t be used, ruining the best game of the night, who’s talking to the player – and who reinforces the principles that a lot of people moane – that if the game were ever able to correct the problem, it would need new patches for users, would be useful?

    I’ve been missing them many times. Even in extreme situations, and the closer you reach the final two circles is what a second user declared on Reddit, namely Heckz is not just a simple game error, it is a logical case. The question is whether or not this bug could have affected multiple players. At the moment, however, there isn’t a formal response from the guys at Raven Software and Infinity Ward, so it will leave an unanswered question about the causes of the problem.

    We don’t know why it is not possible for us to know more, when and if this bug will ever be fixed and the doubts in question are reinforced because there are no official statement of the team of the new free-to-play war royale. We’re waiting for new information, so we’ll refer you to our review of Call of Duty Day-2 for the moment.


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