Diablo 4 players pledge to quit after Elon Musk stream


    For those who ever thought Diablo wasn’t hellish enough, how about learning that Twitter/X-overlord Elon Musk is a fan of the Blizzard dungeon-crawling legend? That’s right, when not accidentally smashing the window of his cybertruck, he steps into the Sanctuary.

    Blizzard has done a great job of getting celebrity endorsements for Diablo 4, having previously lured Megan Fox into the horror world. Sadly, there have been criticisms that he died before Season 2. After Musk’s streak, there’s bad news as others claim they’re going to quit because of him.

    Elon Musk’s Diablo 4 Stream Goes Viral

    Apparently to test the validity of streaming on X — and in an effort to make it a versatile platform to compete with Twitch — Elon Musk drew his sword for a Diablo 4 competition on October 2. Taking on the Tier 100 Nightmare dungeon, Musk’s lack of Diablo skills was the least of his worries.

    The stream was plagued with technical difficulties, meaning we doubt Twitch is shaking in its boots right now. Musk spent the first five minutes questioning whether he looked like a chipmunk and didn’t actually enter a dungeon until the 13-minute mark.

    Sitting in a dimly lit room (for ambiance), Musk did his best with his werewolf droid. Because X doesn’t show live comments on his streams, and only subscribers to the rebranded Twitter Blue can leave them, Musk has gone through entire periods where he’ll leave gameplay just to read your comments.

    Diablo 4 players vow to quit after Musk’s stream

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    Although Musk had plenty of support from all the usual suspects, Reddit He was less kind to her. On the Diablo forum, one critic wrote, “Another reason to skip D4“while the other muttered,”At some point, you get tired of this timeline. Watching a billionaire idiot play D4 is extremely mind-blowing.

    When someone said that playing Musk would bring people back to Diablo 4, another replied, “It actively makes me want to play less.Another concluded,Well I’m definitely quitting now.Whether or not these critics will actually quit remains to be seen.

    For all its problems, Musk’s X Gaming stream was a hit. At the time of writing, over 4.9 million people have watched, making it a certified hit. Then again, we imagine much of this comes from curiosity wanting to check out Musk’s gaming prowess. Nevertheless, Musk’s monopoly is destined to continue.


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