Activision has unveiled plans for Call of Duty until 2027.


    The future of CoDverse is here, Modern Warfare 3 is just around the corner and the beta is coming on October 6th. This is preparing the fans for the full release of the game. November 10.

    Excitement for the next installment of CoD is at an all-time high, with the devs injecting a heavy dose of nostalgia into the title with the return of remastered OG MW2 (2009) maps.

    Despite this, the community is still curious about what direction Call of Duty will take next and what will happen for the franchise. Well, while details remain thin on the ground, Activision has revealed that it has Call of Duty games fully planned until 2027.

    Activision has planned Call of Duty games until 2027.

    As shown by the famous Call of Duty account. Charliantelleactivation president Rob Kostich revealed in an interview. GamesBeat that the team has”Games are planned till 2027.”

    Not only that, Kostich also noted that Activision has “Played many games in the future [setting]“And”We went as far as we could.While this doesn’t confirm that there aren’t any future titles in the pipeline, it’s clear that they’ve indicated that games set in the modern and past eras have fared better.

    Kostich even says that over time, you start to notice “Lovely place and one that really resonates with the community… you see things like Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

    It will be interesting to see if Activision chooses to stick with Black Ops and Modern Warfare for the foreseeable future. While these are certainly the most popular franchises, there is a demand for an advanced or Infinite Warfare sequel.

    Call of Duty fans are eager for the Advanced Warfare sequel.

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    There are a lot of fans in the Call of Duty community who hate Advanced and Infinite Warfare endlessly. However, in response to an interview with Kostich, there are those who are eager to see CoD head in a more futuristic direction.

    Give us Advanced Warfare 2.“, said YouTuber WhosImmortal while arguing with another user.”Advanced Warfare 2 is due in the next 5 years.” For some fans, a game in the future will make them “to break“From MW titles, which, in his opinion, are”Overwhelming and boring at this point

    Either way, Kostich emphasized how important it is to deliver”Different experiences“It’s for the community, so maybe there will be an Advanced or Infinite Warfare sequel. We’ll have to wait.


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