Destiny 2 Season 19 Season Pass Rewards


    With the release of a new season in Destiny 2 comes a new season pass to get all kinds of goodies. Season 19, Season of the Seraph, focuses entirely on Rasputin, and as such, the rewards are appropriately themed around the AI ​​Warmind.

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    Destiny 2 Season Pass Season of the Seraph

    Level free level premium level
    1 The Manticore Exotic SMG
    two Upgrade module x3 Umbral Seraphic Energy x4
    3 Brightness x8000 ritual shine enhancer
    4 Upgrade module x3 Upgrade Core x5
    5 Legendary Shards x25 Small Squad XP Increase
    6 Brightness x8000 Seraph Cloak Shader
    7 Eververse Engram Small XP boost
    8 Upgrade Module x3 Legendary Shards x25
    9 Shimmering Powder x200 Brightness x10,000
    10 Legendary Shards x25 Elegant Draw Terminator
    eleven Upgrade Module x2 Catalyst Quest Alpha Boost
    12 Radiance x6000 Seraph I Keycode Boost
    13 Eververse Engram Seraphic Armor Engram
    14 Upgrade Module x2 Legendary Shards x25
    fifteen Upgrade Core x5 Upgrade Core x5
    sixteen Radiance x6000 Small XP boost
    17 Eververse Engram Brightness x10,000
    18 Upgrade Module x2 Seraph Reboot Entry
    19 Shimmering Dust x250 Upgrade module x3
    twenty exotic engram Legendary Shard Dismantling Bonus
    twenty-one Upgrade Module x2 Upgrade Core x5
    22 Quest Boost Omega Catalyst
    23 Eververse Engram Brightness x12,000
    24 Seraphic Weapons Engram
    25 legendary engram exotic engram
    26 Upgrade Module x2 Small Squad XP Increase
    27 Eververse Engram Shimmering Powder x800
    28 Seraph Arms Masterpiece Powerup
    29 Shimmering Powder x300 Brightness x25,000
    30 Escapade Retrofit Machine Gun Intercepted Transmission Exotic Sparrow
    31 Legendary Shards x50
    32 Seraph II Keycode Boost
    33 Eververse Engram Upgrade Core x5
    3. 4 Upgrade module x3
    35 The Manticore Exotic SMG IKELOS Weapon Engram
    36 Small XP boost
    37 Eververse Engram Radiance x30,000
    38 Seraph Legs Masterpiece Enhancer
    39 Legendary Shards x50
    40 Shimmering Powder x400 Carrhae Black Shader
    41 Seraphic Armor Engram
    42 Upgrade Core x5
    43 Eververse Engram armor scratcher
    44 Legendary Shards x50
    Four. Five Kelgorath’s Glaive Judgment Mechanical Projection
    46 Small XP boost
    47 Eververse Engram Upgrade module x3
    48 Seraphic Class Masterpiece Bonus
    49 Brightness x40,000
    fifty Shimmering Dust x500 infiltrator shell
    51 Kelgorath’s Judgment Masterpiece Bonus
    52 Umbral Seraphic Energy x8
    53 Eververse Engram Upgrade Core x5
    54 exotic engram
    55 exotic cipher Seraphic Weapons Engram
    56 Small Squad XP Increase
    57 Eververse Engram seasonal weapons
    58 Seraphic Chest Masterpiece Boost
    59 Upgrade Module x3
    60 Shimmering Dust x650 seasonal legs
    61 Retrofit Escapade Masterpiece Bonus
    62 Upgrade Module x3
    63 Eververse Engram Enhancement Prism x3
    64 weapons ornament
    Sixty-five exotic engram exotic engram
    66 Small XP boost
    67 Eververse Engram class element
    68 Seraph Head Masterpiece Enhancer
    69 Raid Banner x5
    70 Shimmering Powder x800 Umbral Seraphic Energy x12
    71 gun looter
    72 Enhancement Prism x3
    73 Eververse Engram leg ornament
    74 exotic engram
    75 Raid Banner x5
    76 Small XP boost
    77 Eververse Engram Breastplate
    78 Shimmering Dust x1000
    79 Brightness x45,000
    80 Shimmering Dust x1000 spy glasses gesture
    81 Advanced Weapon Drag
    82 Brightness x50,000
    83 Eververse Engram Class Item Ornament
    84 Upgrade module x3
    85 rising shard
    86 Small Squad XP Increase
    87 Eververse Engram Rudder
    88 exotic engram
    89 rising alloy
    90 Shimmering Dust x1400 rising shard
    91 chest ornament
    92 Umbral Seraphic Energy x16
    93 Eververse Engram Raid Banner x5
    94 rising shard
    95 rising alloy
    96 Shimmering Dust x1200
    97 Eververse Engram helm ornament
    98 exotic engram
    99 Tripwire dodge gesture
    100 Shimmering Dust x2000 The Manticore Ornament

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    Remember that you have three months to complete the Season Pass and the progress of all your characters is tracked. So don’t worry if you see someone already at rank 144 in the first week. Take your time, enjoy the content and don’t burn out in a career that doesn’t exist.

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