Dehya & Mika splash art, Kaeya’s skin reportedly revealed in Genshin Impact leaks


    The Genshin Impact version 3.4 livestream hasn’t even started yet, and leakers have already started sharing content from version 3.5 and later. It’s unclear when Dehya and Mika, two upcoming characters, will be released, but images of what are supposed to be their splash artwork have already been making the rounds on social media. Furthermore, the leakers have also shared what they claim is an upcoming skin for the Monstadt cavalry knight, Kaeya.

    Please note that the the information below is based on leaks and should be taken with a grain of salt as they have not been confirmed by HoYoverse and are still in a very early stage of development.


    Regardless of whether his popularity stems from his strong personality or the fake cat ears on his head, what matters is that players have been waiting for Dehya’s release ever since it was first leaked. Early leaks suggested that she would be a Pyro Claymore user, as her weapon type was confirmed in Sumeru Archon Quest. Other than that, little to nothing was mentioned about Dehya for months, until she was leaked on Twitter. @thereallo6 he dropped what they allege is his welcome art out of the blue. The leak came in the middle of a few weeks without any exciting information, so the community is understandably excited.


    Mika, a young explorer from Eula’s Reconnaissance Company and Varka’s Expedition Team, appeared in the Of Ballads and Brews event for a scene, then disappeared from the game and the minds of the community. Out of nowhere, the same Twitter leaker named @thereallo6 posted what they allege is Mika’s welcome art. Another leaker named @SaveYourCousins ​​stated that she is supposedly still a Cryogenic Polearm Userwhich was the same information that circulated months before it appeared in the game.

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    The Monstadt cavalry knight hasn’t been in the spotlight for a long time, but recent leaks about what leakers claim to be Kaeya’s skin suddenly started making the rounds. The original leak was posted by shadow of the walker on an unspecified Discord channel. Others, like @binglysiaHe compiled more detailed images of what his outfit supposedly looks like. The visuals and layout look unrefined though, so they’re clearly still in a very early stage of development if they’re to be believed in the first place.

    With two leaks involving Monstadt characters, the community has been speculating about a possible return to the nation of freedom after the Sumeru desert has been completed. Perhaps Monstadt’s Dornman port could be on the horizon, but again, nothing is certain until official information is revealed by HoYoverse.

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