New The Last of Us Multiplayer Concept Art Revealed by Naughty Dog



    A letter from the Naughty Dogs will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the franchise’s beginning in 2023. The concept art is the story of two survivors walking by a dilapidated street, flanked by a rusted trailer to the left and a rundown building to the right. The huge cruise shop appears in the middle of the project. The many trees further confirm the fact that TLoU is expected to be the first one of all to be set in San Francisco (or maybe California in general).

    Naughty Dog promises more The Last of Us, later this year.

    Announcing the first concept photo in the game that Naughty Dog revealed in September 2022, the new shot does not show how verticality can be a feature in the city. The large cruise ship reminds me of a town of the river River – Fallout 3 –, a settlement that was created with a decaying aircraft carrier. But it seems that the cruise ship is sitting idle at least from outside.

    Druckmanns letter promises that new details on this ambitious game will be given later this year. If it weren’t clear what time the games were released, Sony is banking on that major part of its live-service initiative.

    We have been suggesting that the new multiplayer The Last of Us can be free-to-play at a job. Naughty Dog was hired, too, by Anders Howard, who designed the Battle Pass for Fortnite, thus, a similar system might become available in the game. The story will feature new characters and a full story, headed by Game Director Vinit Agarwal, Lead Designer Anthony Newman and Narrative Designer Joe Pettinati.



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