Dead by Daylight Developer Warns of Photosensitivity Issues Due to Flashing Lights Bug


    While the latest Dead by Daylight 7.7.0 update brought many good adjustments, balances, and bug fixes, it also inadvertently introduced a flashing lights bug that could be potentially dangerous for people with photosensitivity.

    Why does the flashing lights error occur in Dead by Daylight?

    Currently, there are no exact triggers for the flashing lights bug in Dead by Daylight. Behavior has indicated that the bug appears to occur randomly in testing and not everyone experiences it.

    In the last games I played, I didn’t see him even once. However, many have already experienced it. Players report having the issue after being hooked, in the basement, and even on the post-game screen. Until the developers discover the exact cause of this problem, be careful when playing Dead by Daylight.

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    The error is described as strobing and flashing lights that can cause discomfort. While there are items that include blinding lights, such as flashlights and firecrackers, this is taken to the extreme. If you have photosensitivity, an epileptic condition or have experienced seizures, then be careful as this bug could be very dangerous for you. The smart thing to do is to avoid the game until DBD announces that it has been fixed. It is better not to take risks. You can stay updated with their progress in resolving the issue on the official site. Dead by Daylight X account (formerly Twitter).

    Behavior Interactive has made sure everyone is aware that this update error is currently occurring. They’ve posted about this all over their social media, including Reddit, and even added a warning once you start the game. They also warn the community to refrain from posting videos of the strobe bug and to disable autoplay on social media in case someone posts a clip.

    Some speculate that the bug was caused by the switch from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5, which runs a different lighting system. Whatever the case, hopefully Dead by Daylight will fix it soon so that all players can return to the game safely.

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