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    Dark and Darker is a fantasy FPS game in which you gather with your friends to set out on an adventure, hunting for treasure while trying to survive in a world full of different monsters and creatures. Doing so involves using a plethora of weapons and equipment. If you’re curious on how to optimize the former, I’ve put up a list for you below on which of these weapons is the best to use.

    Best Weapons in Dark and Darker, Ranked

    All weapons in Dark and Darker are class-restricted and fall into the onehanded or twohanded camp, which will restrict you in a number of ways (e.g. speed). In the list below, I’ve covered the strongest and best weapons to use with these restrictions in mind. Besides them, you can use throwables, which do considerable damage against mobs of enemies.


    • Crystal Sword
      • A two-handed weapon for the Wizard class that does quite a lot of magic damage on top of dealing flat damage.
    • Double Axe
      • A two-handed weapon for the Barbarian class, it deals a ton of flat damage.
    • Flanged Mace
      • A one-handed Cleric and Fighter weapon, you can wield with your main hand. Does a surprising amount of damage for a one-hander.
    • Heater Shield
      • A one-handed shield that goes into your secondary hand, and the best way to block incoming damage for the Cleric and Fighter classes.
    • Quarterstaff
      • A two-handed polearm for the Barbarian, Cleric, and Wizard classes that does a lot of damage without slowing you down too much.
    • Rapier
      • A lightweight one-handed Ranger and Rogue sword that goes into your main hand.
    • Recurve Bow
      • The primary weapon for Rangers, it offers decent ranged damage without sacrificing mobility.
    • Spellbook
      • Your main weapon as a Cleric or Wizard, it deals a respectable amount of magic damage.

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    Worst Weapons in Dark and Darker, Ranked

    On the other end of the spectrum are Bardiche and Halberds. While everything else in the game is at least decent, these are to be avoided, due to the severe speed nerfs.

    • Bardiche
      • A two-handed polearm for the Barbarian class, it does 48 damage but sacrifices mobility by reducing your speed by 50%.
    • Halberd
      • A two-handed polearm for the Fighter class, it does 48 damage but reduces your speed by 50%.

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