The Legend of Zelda movie trailer is pure ’80s nostalgia


    Now that The Super Mario Bros. Movie has decimated expectations and soared past the billion-dollar mark at the box office, more Nintendo properties should be coming to the big screen, right? Right?

    The truth is we simply don’t know what’s next for Nintendo, and if it’ll opt for a Mario sequel over the appearance of a new property – but there’s no denying that fans have been calling for a Zelda movie for the longest time.

    Rumours of a live-action Netflix series seem to have tanked the project entirely, and ever since the moment the suggestions from Nintendo stopped, we’ve been out of luck when it comes to the potential of a Zelda movie. So it looks like fans are taking things into their own hands.

    Fan-made Zelda movie trailer is pure nostalgia

    Fans won’t stop dreaming about the potential of a movie based on The Legend of Zelda, to such a degree, they’ve created an incredible fictional look at what a trailer for a movie based on the game series would look like – and it’s ’80s all over.

    A new project from YouTube account Filminick has imagined what a movie based on the Zelda series in the style of an ’80s dark fantasy movie would look like, splicing in recognisable characters into a wealth of movie references, harkening back to the likes of The NeverEnding Story, The Princess Bride, and more.

    The video is a treasure trove of references and tight concepts, and it’s well worth the watch – especially if the prospect of a Zelda movie is one that has wrought your dreams like it’s wrought ours.

    What’s next for Nintendo Pictures?

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    In all honesty, it’s fascinating to see where Nintendo Pictures could turn next after the successes of The Super Mario Bros. Movie – and frankly, a Zelda movie isn’t that far out of the realm of possibility. Illumination was supposedly nearing a deal for a Zelda movie, although nothing has come of it…yet.

    We’d expect a Mario movie sequel before stepping into Hyrule, just so Nintendo can make the money to justify the risk. And all the while, we’ll be sat here with our pitch for a live-action Metroid movie. Come on, Nintendo – Brie Larson is right there. Do the right thing.


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