Dark and Darker Spell System Explained



    Dark and Darker features several classes, but only the Cleric and Wizard can cast magic. This allows them to use powerful spells to defeat their enemies or cast healing spells and buffs to support their party. If this is your first time playing a spell caster, you might be wondering how to cast spells in Dark and Darker.

    How to Cast Spells in Dark and Darker

    Casting spells can be incredibly confusing, especially for those just starting out and selecting the mage or cleric. You will need to have equipped the spell memory ability in the skill section. This houses your known spells and allows you to cast them in the game. Here is how to cast spells in Dark and Darker.

    • Hold down the key assigned to the Spell Memory ability.
    • Make sure you have staff equipped.
    • Move the cursor to the spell you wish to cast.
    • While hovering over that spell, hold down the right mouse button.
    • This will begin to cast the spell.

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    Spells take a while to cast and require the use of the Magic wand. This item is the mage’s primary weapon, but is the cleric’s second weapon. If you don’t have it equipped, you can’t cast spells. Make sure you have read the spell effects correctly and aim at your target.

    One thing to keep in mind is that your Knowledge limit spells. This can be seen in the Spell tab of the Class tab. Each spell has an amount of lore associated with it, so you’ll need to balance this when building your spellbook. A number in the corner of each spell represents this number. However, you can equip more spells than you have Knowledge, as you can find Knowledge while exploring, which will then unlock those additional spells.

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