Dark and Darker player count hits 52,576 during December 2022 playtest



    Dark and Darker may only be in the alpha testing stage, but it is already making quite an impression on the gaming community. It has reached an impressive player count of 52,576 and the same amount of followers on Steam and views on Twitch.

    The IRONMACE Twitter says: “What the hell is going on?! We reached over 50,000 concurrent players today. Thank you so much to our amazing community!” For a standalone title and one that hasn’t been officially released, these kinds of numbers are incredibly promising for an upcoming title. The alpha playtest will come to an end on December 26, 2022, but IronmaceGames may organize another one after the success of this one.

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    Dark and Darker combines many different genres and mechanics to create its addictive gameplay. It uses PvPvE, Battle Royale, multiplayer, first-person dungeon crawling, and a loot system that creates an exciting loop. Players can play together or alone, selecting one of six available classes and then diving into dungeons filled with loot, monsters, and other adventurers.

    One never knows what to expect when beginning a career in Dark and Darker. Its semi-randomness provides a fair if brutal challenge, then throws other players’ chaos into the mix. We had a chance to play Dark and Darker ourselves, and the number of players is evident just based on how quick and easy it is to find and get into a game.

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