Dark and Darker could not connect to the server: how to fix it



    Dark and Darker combines brutal first-person dungeon crawling with PvP and PvE action. This creates an intense and exciting multiplayer experience. However, those looking to dig deeper into their dungeons may run into an error connection. This may make you wonder how to fix server connection error in Dark and Darker.

    How to fix Dark and Darker Failed to Connect to Server error

    If you’re getting the “Failed to connect to server” error message in Dark and Darker, there are a few things you can do, but you’ll largely be in the developer hands. Be sure to also check the status of the server. Here is how to fix the Dark and Darker could not connect to the server error.

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    • Restart your Internet connection.
    • Close and reopen Dark and Darker.
    • Uninstall and reinstall Dark and Darker.
    • Wait for the developer to fix the problem.

    Dark and Darker is in alpha testing right now, so bugs are likely. The most likely solution will be wait for developer to fix the problem, especially if none of the above solutions fixed the failed to connect to server problem. you can follow the iron mace games Twitter for more information and updates on the Dark and Darker server status and current issues.

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