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    Faction missions in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ become challenging over time as you progress through the levels. The Client is King, a level 5 Black Mous faction quest, requires players to complete eight contracts at eight unique points of interest (POIs) in a single deployment.

    How to get the US embassy key in DMZ

    Successfully completing The Client is King mission rewards you with the key to the US Embassy, ​​a secure area with high-level loot. To complete eight contracts, each at different points of interest, you will need to dedicate your entire game to this mission. As soon as you are deployed in the DMZ, open your tactical map and find where the Radiation Zone is. First you need to start completing contracts from the points of interest that are close to the radiation zone so that you can gradually move away from it.

    Before attempting any contract, purchase a good vehicle and keep it in working condition by refueling and repairing it at gas stations when necessary. Having a vehicle by your side at all times is another important factor that allows you to complete The Client is King mission quickly. There are a total of nine different types of contracts in the DMZ, and most of them take a long time to complete. You should prioritize contracts that consume less time, such as Delete HVTSafe Intel and safe nuclear material.

    Removing HVT is the easiest contract and can even be done in less than a minute. Kill the bounty and approach its body to confirm the kill and complete the contract. There are 17 points of interest in Al Mazrah, and each major region must have at least one HVT kill contract. If not, try other quick contracts.

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    Location of the US Embassy in the DMZ

    The Embassy of the United States is located in Al-Mazrah City, which is a major POI in the north of Al Mazrah. The complex consists of three separate blocks, each requiring the US embassy key to be unlocked. A key in the DMZ only has three uses, therefore you will lose your key after opening all three buildings in the complex. Make sure you don’t waste your key to open multiple doors in the same building.

    Additionally, the third structure, marked with the yellow square in the previous layout, can be accessed even without a key. Go to any of the tall buildings on either side of the US Embassy and land on the roof of the third building. You can use the elevator there to get inside. Before entering the Embassy, ​​be fully prepared as this area is well protected by several level three armored guards.

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