Is it worth collecting all the chests in the Crisis Core missions?


    If you’re tempted to collect chests while on missions, you’re not alone. However, this can be quite a tedious and even challenging task considering the difficulty of Crisis Core and the large number of missions available. But do you really need to collect every chest in the game?

    Are chests part of the completion % in FF7 Crisis Core?

    While there are certain quests, like the Gongaga quest, where opening a certain number of chests earns you a trophy, not all quests need 3/3 treasure chests open. In fact, there is no side quests they need every chest opened. So if you have a hard time searching for all of them, it’s not a problem.

    There is a hidden “Treasures of Banora” achievement that you can get by collecting all the treasures on the ground before saving Angeal’s mother. However, chests are not yet part of this list.

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    Do I have to open all the chests in Crisis Core?

    While you won’t get trophies for it, we found that opening all the treasure chests in one mission can only help you. Some of them will contain useless items like Potions, but more will contain useful items like Materia, Elixirs, and even accessories. With Materia Fusion in the game, that second bit is especially important in determining how equipped Zack can be for certain missions.

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