CRSED: Cuisine Royale was released for mobile devices



    The book, launched by Gaijin Distribution and a developer Darkflow Software, is the mobile version of the famous battle CRSED: FOAD. The game is available on Android by the Google Play store or directly from the official website. iOS tipped to come later.

    CRSED: Cuisine Royale is a project that is based on a single plan, not from a single point of view. For that reason, progress in the two games isn’t synchronized, and there’s no support for cross-platform multiplayer. For running, there’s an Android device with OS version 10, an 832G / Mediatek G90 processor and a 4GB of RAM.

    CRSED: The XIII series Cuisine Royale aims to be the last survivor of the clash. Players choose from heroes with their own superpowers: slow time or turn into beasts. There are also many realistic weapons and combat armor models.



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