The Deleted Toolchain eavesdropping has been released



    The source code to the unreleased Rayman 4 was leaked online, and was replaced with editing tools so fans could get a glimpse of the same fate as the cancelled sequel.

    After starting development in the early 2000s, Ubisoft and Phoenix Studio cancelled Rayman 4 before getting too far into development. It wouldn’t be until 2011 that we saw Rayman again in Rayman Origins, then again two years later in Rayman Legends, which brought back the series into 2D platforms.


    RibShark (@RibShark) December 24, 2022

    The source of the leak is still unknown, but talented fans have already begun digging into the game and showing off some screenshots and information about this game. Screenshots show that Rayman could reportedly ride a rocky rabbit in an area with full-tour mechanics. Another shot shows an unfinished level that probably was going to parody Splinter Cell, which is the other Ubisoft franchise, nighs Sphincter Cell. You would see it as odd as you would expect.

    A lot of videos show Rayman balancing through the almost complete level of a job. We can see Rayman moving through the interior of a rabbid robot, defending rabbids, and using a powerful tool to make the loops smooth, without the obstruction and opening pathways.

    One other shot was in a room full of hundreds of brown balls. The final picture of a photographer who was captured so far was from a model called Raymans Girlfriend.

    A while while there are many games, the majority of the games are completely overloaded. If fans’e dedicated enough, perhaps some will complete what Ubisoft and Phoenix Studio started and add a full playable approximation of what Rayman 4 could’ve been.

    All the necessary skills and dedication are required to play the game with the entire source code.



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