Cosplay von Wednesday gets her hands cold, and she has her hand


    The new Netflix series Thursday started quite a stir in November last year. Not only did she set a new record, she also unleashed a real wave of euphoria in the cosplay community. The well-known disguise artist Medha recently delivered a work that is very worth watching, but we do not want to take away a look at you.

    Wednesday has a knack for cosplaying.

    She adores Wednesday, and has since called for a costume for that famous protagonist. The result after countless hours of work is absolutely beautiful, which has a number of reasons. It starts with the actual pieces, which come close to originals. This is the dress that the famous Nevermore Academy Raven Dance was wearing on Wednesday. The shape-up and the wig are similar, too. The grandiose overall impression is rounded off with a special detail: the ice-cold hand is seen on the cosplayer’s shoulder, and it is also important in the Netflix series.

    Medha is an accomplished cosplay professional. She has won numerous awards already. In the past few years, she has attempted many disguises as characters from a number of famous gaming, film and series templates. Her performances as Aloy from The Horizon Forbidden West and Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion should be mentioned here as representative.

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    This is especially popular with gamesreaders of the PC.

    A new year’s Zelda Cosplay from Breath of the Wild starts with you.

    The new year was a perfect story for the Princess Zelda from Breath of the Wild.

    A cute cosplay by Wednesday celebrates New Years Eve with you.

    The Netflix series Wednesday shows the New Year for a good time.

    The year 2023 for cosplay starts.

    For the past year, we’ll report regularly about disguises that we should see. The reports were a large amount of last year. As some obvious examples, you can mention the Princess of Zelda from Breath of the Wild and Lady Dimistrescu from Resident Evil 8. In the next twelve months, we should buy lots of supplies.

    Those: Medha via


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