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    First-person frenzy has arrived in Fortnite! You can now create and play maps where you will no longer see your character model. Taking a player into first person currently requires clever design for the creators, so maps that feature this mechanic are rare, even more so for a map that is well designed. We have compiled a list of some of the best first-person cross-genre code for this new take on gameplay.

    The best first-person maps in Fortnite

    First Person 50 Level Christmas Deathrun

    Image via COLTT

    First Person 50 Christmas Deathrun Level: 4618-4709-3796

    Christmas deathrun is a first person deathrun style map based on the theme of snow and holidays. The only thing that separates this death row from others on the list is its sheer volume of levels. The game has 50 unique stages based on parkour and sliding techniques. Although it is a first-person room, the creator has also provided support for all levels in the native third-person view. We recommend picking up the code if you want a change of scenery and a theme to suit the season.

    Blue VS Red Vent First person: 0532-3462-3627

    Blue VS Red Vent First Person: 0532-3462-3627

    Blue VS Red is one of the most fun first-person maps in the Fortnite universe. As the name suggests, it is a battle-style map between the blue and red teams inside a vent. This unique concept of placing the combat area inside a ventilation shaft provides for some fun gameplay moments as you constantly try to backstab your enemy by silently crouching and walking behind them. In addition to its comical gameplay, there are also various secrets that players can unlock to find out the reason behind the origin of the map. It is extremely fun and worth every bit of your time if you play it with your friends.

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    Area 51: First Person Hide and Seek

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Area 51: First Person Hideout: 4909-3532-4209

    One of the most popular first-person maps of all time in Fortnite is the Area 51 map. The reason for its popularity is quite understandable by looking at its gameplay, as it is loosely based on the game/movie series from alien. Similar to the original content, you are a survivor inside a spaceship and must evade the evil alien by hiding in one of 150 specific locations on the ship. The gameplay is quite engaging and fun when played among friends as they take turns playing as the evil alien or as an innocent.

    First person visual escape

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    First Person Visual Escape Map Code: 1211-9143-2539

    We’ve provided a hint on how to solve the first puzzle in this escape map, but you’ll likely spend hours trying to solve the rest. This is an extremely difficult first person escape quest with multiple themes and rage triggering puzzles. Having a fresh perspective doesn’t help you find these almost impossible to see exits.

    Forza Horizon – First Person Car Racing

    Forza Horizon – First Person Car Racing Map Code: 2118-8997-3881

    Most driving games include some form of first-person mode that challenges players to drive from inside the vehicle instead of behind it. Since Fortnite isn’t primarily a driving game, this wasn’t a primary focus for most map makers. Enter Forza Horizon, which is considered by many gamers to be the first and best first-person driving map. You may not feel the engine revving, but you will definitely feel like you are driving the car!

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    First Person Box Fights

    First Person Box Fights Map Code: 4392-1871-9556

    Box Fights are the most popular gameplay mechanic because they represent the high-intensity, fast-paced combat you’ll find at the end of most Fortnite Battle Royale matches. Adding first person to this genre of creative maps only adds to the intensity. Do you think you are a master at edits and melee in Fortnite? Prove it with this famous first person map!

    Lysergic Caeli – First Person Horror

    Lysergic Caeli – First Person Horror Map Code: 3139-3620-6848

    Like many other Fortnite horror maps, Lysergic Caeli is not for the faint of heart or those who are easily scared. You are placed in a horrible house full of monsters and scares. You must explore the house to discover the secrets and try to figure them out, all while being stalked by a mysterious creature. And, as a first person map, you will have to come face to face with what lurks in the dark.

    first person escape room

    First Person Escape Room Map Code: 6212-9391-5469

    This map is a basic escape room map that is ideal for players who are new to first person mode or escape rooms. It includes simple puzzles that you must solve to advance through the course. The video above shows you how to complete each level, but if you want to see what makes this map a unique twist on the Escape Room genre, we recommend trying to complete it yourself!

    First Person Deathrun Practice

    First Person Deathrun Practice Map Code: 2876-1894-8328

    Death runs can range in difficulty depending on how well you’ve mastered jumping and dashing in Fortnite or whether you have good or bad reflexes. Regardless of your skill level for these maps, you’ll be faced with a whole new challenge in this first person death run and your timing and jumping skills may not be as good when you can’t see where your character is jumping from. Unless you have real life parkour skills, you may find this map exceptionally difficult!

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    first person snipers

    First Person Sniper Map Code: 3459-8305-1162

    Although in-game snipers are already essentially a first-person game mechanic, First Person Snipers became one of the most popular first-person maps. This is a combat-focused map that requires you to both keep an eye on the map while moving and follow up when you close in for elimination. Of all the first person maps, this game looks the most realistic!

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