Cosplay of Aloy from Horizon wants to save the world for a moment



    The world of Horizon is a new IP of Sony. The platform made its PS4 debut in 2017 with Dawn Zero. At the beginning of 2022, the Guerrilla Games team also launched the successor, Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy has quickly become one of the most loved heroines of Playstation fans. And, in the cosplay community, the archer became a popular choice for photos and events.

    Elaborate Aloy cosplay shared.

    Aloys fans include alesita_cosplay, who recently published her Instagram page with pictures of one of her outfit’s really special outfits. The look for her cosplay wasn’t her favourite. She instead put an awful amount of work into her costume, which is the Tenakth armor, your ability to unlock as soon as you take to the journey.

    It’s especially popular with the PC’s gamereaders.

    Harley Quinn’s cosplay makes Christmas a nightmare.

    An engaging cosplay shows the Jokers playmate wantlessly destroying your laboriously constructed Santa Claus.

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    Find out the pictures!

    Seeing the outfit without a short glance shows how many little details it is in this cosplay. The headwear, makeup and armor are insanely colorful, but they can also be used straight for an on-camera Horizon adaptation. For a longer time, you should be very impressed with all alesita_cosplays. We have below the photos of you.

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    With a Dot for You.

    In fact, fans hope to see an expansion of Horizon Forbidden West next year. This is how Aloys story is continued in Burning Shores. The first generation of the children received an DLC from the development team. The release is scheduled for April 19 2023, but this time exclusively on PS5. In February 2023, a spin-off, Horizon Call of the Mountain, is also planned for the launch of Playstation VR2.



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