Cookie Run: Kingdom Beast is legendary with a new fantasy-themed update in Yea.

    • CookieRun: The Kingdom is ready to see its latest update, the awakening of white apathy.
    • Taking you further than ever through Beast-Yeast, it adds new characters and more.
    • Get it when it hits CookieRun: Kingdom on May 22

    Top action RPG CookieRun: Kingdom is set to receive another major update, expanding your playable roster and more as Episode 3 of the Beast-Yeast saga is set to hit the game on May 22. Is! A reveal trailer that you can watch below shows off two new characters and what you’ll be able to see when The Awakening of White Apathy arrives.

    In case you weren’t familiar, Beast-Yeast is the Eastern part of CookieRun: The Kingdom map that takes players across an Asian-inspired confectionery landscape. In this latest update, you’ll explore more of this new continent, including being able to recruit new Cloud Haetae and Mystic Flour cookies to round out your teams. There are also new costumes, elements, resource buildings and more!

    All this for cookies?

    We don’t know much about cookies, or baking, but we feel safe to say that CookieRun has definitely jumped the proverbial shark. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, because if you’re looking for crazy ideas and more content to explore, you could do a lot worse with this new, clearly out-of-the-box idea.

    Still, we got a chance to cover CookieRun in-depth and we have to admit that this latest update, with all its crazy new characters and exotic locations, makes us want to jump back in and take a look. .

    And if you’re looking for more information about CookieRun, then why not take a look at the launch of the recently released spin-off Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle.

    And if CookieRun: Kingdom just isn’t your thing, you can always check out our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far), with big hits, indie gems and more that we think are the best. are valuable. Play!


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