Attack on Titan Revolution Codes (May 2024)


    Have you ever dreamed of a game where you can experience the thrill and joy of hunting a titan, like Eren and Mikasa did? Well, then you need to try a little roblox game called AoT Revolution. This guide covers all Attack on Titan Revolution codes, so you can get those nice free spins and boosts.

    Like any good Roblox experience, Attack on Titan Revolution It’s got everything: good music, interesting gameplay, and lots of unique families to join for extra stats.

    Note: To be able to redeem codes, you must be at least level 5. So start grinding out some EXP in battles, and you’ll find yourself racking up hundreds of free spins in no time!

    Attack on Titan Revolution Codes (Active)

    • DEVCODE1 – 200 spins (New!)
    • Love the 45K. – 3x All Stars Crates
    • Likes 40K. – 40 spins
    • 35K likes. – 30 spins
    • 25K likes. – 5k Gems
    • Likes 20K. – 30 spins
    • 90K members – 30 spins
    • 80K members – 35 spins
    • 70K members – 50 spins
    • 40K members – 35 spins
    • 20 thousand players – 2x Gold and 30 minutes of XP Boost, 15 minutes of 2x Luck Boost
    • Re-release. – 75 spins
    • FOLLOWJLEAY – 4k gems
    • FOLLOWERGI999 – 4k gems
    • SUB2SLYKAGE – 80 spins

    Expiring codes

    • Members 30K
    • Members 10K
    • Members 7K
    • Members 2K
    • Members 1K
    • Freespins
    • 10K players
    • 5K athletes
    • 5K athletes
    • Likes 15K.
    • Like 10K
    • Love the 7K.
    • Love the 5K.
    • Love the 2K.
    • Love the 1K.
    • Sorry 2
    • apologies
    • Demo 2
    • Demo
    • Shutdown 2
    • Shutdown 1

    How to redeem attack on titan revolution codes?

    To redeem gift codes, follow the steps I have provided below.

    • Step No. 1: When you are on the main menu, select Codes option
    • Step 2: After opening the Codes menu, you will see a text box on the right side. Type your code in this text box..
    • Step 3: After typing one of the activation codes, press . REDEEM Button

    Rewards will be allocated automatically, as long as you meet the requirement I mentioned earlier (at least reach level 5).

    If a code isn’t working, it means you either haven’t leveled enough, or you need to recheck the code, as it may be expired. Whenever you try to redeem an expired code, the game will tell you “[INVALID]” Reply.

    How to get more AOT Revolution codes?

    With the new big update, the developers of the game regularly release new codes, so if you want to be the first to claim free spins, boosts and gems, just keep an eye on this page, as we will be releasing all the new codes. Will add. As soon as they are out.

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