Controversial weapon temporarily racked up Fortnite, after being removed due to his exploit


    Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 woke up early in December, so it introduced an overload of new weapons and events. As soon as there were several difficulties, players have slowly seen much of their latest content leave earlier than expected. Since the shockwave Hammer has been removed from the battle royale, another item has been affected by a bug. Epic Games has announced that it will remove the evil Shockwave Hammer from the battle royale.

    That night, a official Twitter account from Fortnite Status revealed to fans that Shockwave Hammer melee weapon was disabled in all modes, and that it would be reenabled in the next game update. It is widely believed that the reason is not mentioned because of this, but a glitch has caused users a lot of pain. More specifically, Redditors like Kaseius have posted a few videos lately to show how the hammer could be exploited to eliminate fish and produce very large amounts of their healing equipment.

    It was the entire fishing bug / hammer from FortNiteBR. on Kaseius, user of Reddit, sent to Reddit.

    The Shockwave Hammer has probably become one of the games strongest weapons in this chapter, allowing players to roll from it for hundreds of meters, and then crush enemies. It’s going to be confirmed by Epic. Although the proven dataminer Guille_GAG suggested that the next major update for Fortnite is expected to take place on January 17.

    It may not be appreciated that if they are able to return, they say. The players quickly made a return to social media to celebrate the hammer being vaulted. For one, Reddit user Knight-122 subtly joked, Wouldn’t it really be very cool if Epic had just forgotten to use it in the next update? Meanwhile, other users like the Zophyr07 have questioned if that actually could be the case, as they pointed out that even the short-lived hurdling mechanic hasn’t yet been reenabled.

    Of course there is still a lot more detailed list of things fans are hoping to come back. Last month, the battle royale drew heavy criticism for removing the long-awaited Dekus Smash Mythic weapon due to photosensitivity concerns. That game caught playplay-makers and amateurs by surprise by vaulting some most of winterfest 2022s items almost a week before the event.


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