CoD MW3 Players Baffled by AI Chat Monitoring Bans


    Toxicity in online gaming affects many players around the world and Activision has sought an interesting solution to this problem: the use of AI chat monitoring. While the emerging concept of AI in video games has started to take off, CoD players aren’t as excited about the idea of ​​robots enforcing chat bans.

    Call of Duty’s AI chat monitoring system emerged as an attempt to clean up the toxicity of voice chat, banning those who use certain words, phrases, or hateful language in general. Or at least that’s the goal. However, reports from players are starting to suggest that this AI robot is too easy to shoot.

    User issathrowaway1 jumped on Reddit to express his frustrations with the AI ​​monitoring system after his 14-day ban ended. They claim that they rarely use proximity chat and limit themselves to group chat with friends. After their first ban for saying “four motherfuckers on the roof” during a game of Rebirth Island Resurgence, they quickly received another ban for “this game is fucking garbage” after a severe lag spike. Sure, both sentences contain profanity, but not enough for a two-week ban.

    Our protagonist is not the only one who will be struck down by the ruthless AI. User PADDYPOOP has received two chat bans in the past for language used during group chat, saying: “Two of the three chat bans I received were for being alone in group chat. It’s absolutely mind-blowing.” Most players report that their chat bans are due to the usual explicit trash talk expected in Call of Duty.

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    Meanwhile, another player (user squid172) talks about toxicity throughout the franchise, saying: “Toxicity is part of Call of Duty’s DNA, the best part of SND is talking shit with other players.”

    I’ve personally experienced both the most toxic and the quietest lobbies, and it saddens me to know that a single explicit word can result in a two-week chat ban. While I rarely avoid a shouting match during a CoD game, those who have no interest should not be subjected to hateful words.

    The conversation about toxicity is complicated; Players who don’t want to hear bad language can mute and report offenders, or even opt out of voice chat, but being forced to choose the latter isn’t the best solution. However, banning profanity in a game like Call of Duty is also not the direction. Especially when the franchise in question is already rated PG-18, has guns, blood, violence and profanity in the game, and promotes drugs in its spare time. It’s unclear if Activision will reduce the sensitivity of the AI ​​or if this will be the new direction for Call of Duty; Only time will tell.

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