Civil Knight Prequel Codes for May 2024


    The game’s developers have been very generous with giveaways lately, and we’ve rounded up all the Soul Knight Prequel codes that are currently active.

    Updated May 21, 2024 – Checked for new codes.

    After the success of Soul Knight, the developers of Chili Rome have finally come up with a second iteration in the form of Soul Knight prequel. The action role-playing game has been well received by the community upon its release, with many enjoying the gameplay it offers.

    You need to put in a lot of time and effort to progress in the Soul Knight prequel. Fortunately, you can make this process a little easier by using the various gift codes that developers are providing. These codes are an interesting way to get free rewards within the game.

    This guide lists all active. Soul Knight prequel codes You can use it inside the game.

    Active Soul Knight Prequel Codes

    The following are the Soul Knight Prequel codes that are currently working:

    • Daily Freebie – Volcanic Hephastite + Weathered Hephastite + Daily Invocation
    • 2024 New Year: Weathered Hephastite + 15x Gems + 5x Resurrection Coins
    • Happy day: 50x Gems + Card Pack Voucher + 1000x Coins
    • THX4ALLGP: 3x Gale Juice + 3x Housing Snapshots + 3x Bullion + Tempest Juice + Life Juice + Captain Paloma’s skin and more (Android)
    • ASTHX4ALL: Eggs + 2x Gold Nuggets + Computer House Skin + Apple Character Skin (iOS)

    If you have already used them, you can wait for the developers to provide new codes for Soul Knight Prequel.

    Expiring codes

    • Yule Ball – New Year’s Special Gift (Valid till 4th April)

    How To Use Soul Knight Prequel Codes

    Redemption for codes lies within the game itself. The following steps can be followed to redeem the codes within the game.

    • Step 1: After completing the tutorial, exit and interact with the mailbox you find.
    • Step 2: After that you can navigate. Redeem the code tabwhich is represented by the key symbol in the envelope.
    • Step 3: A text field for entering the code will appear on the screen, and you must enter the above codes correctly.
    • Step 4: As a final step, you should tap on the tick mark.

    The code will be automatically redeemed, and the associated rewards will be credited to your in-game account. These should not be confused with any other game in the series, as we have also covered Soul Knight Codes.

    Original article by Nishant Thakur, updated by Sumant Meena.


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