China is starting to sell the graphics cards GeForce RTX 4070 Ti



    Video cards were taken across the warehouses, and used in Chinese retail retail, GeForce 4070 Ti. The manufacturer now has five different models – Colorful 4 and BattleAx -, which was recently disclosed by the company itself.

    A third of the survey shows that neptune is cooled, which is quite common in this segment. The company has already released the RTX 3070. This card was equipped with an external heatsink with two fans like the new model.

    Prices for the GeForce RTX 4070.

    Colorful iGame Vulcan OC 7150 7300 yuan. Colorful iGame Neptune 6999 yuan. Colorful iGame Advanced OC 6999 yuan. Colorful iGame Ultra 6700 yuan. Colorful Battle Ax 6500 yuan.

    The price is very high, there is a lot of cheaper cards from MSI, Gigabyte, GALAX with the range 6200-6500 yuan, but the recommended price according to the regulator is 6499.

    Colorful is the largest manufacture of graphics cards in South Asia. In spite of the photo, the inventory of custom cards is sufficient for gamers; though RTX 4070 Ti was the latest in a year, that’s the reason for the cancellation, is not forgetting that RTX 4080 12GB is the new mash mark.

    Since RTX 4070 Ti was delayed to two months, NVIDIA and partner has a lot of these cards in store for themselves.



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