Cassette Best has started pre-registration on Google Play.

    • Cassette Beasts launches for mobile on June 4.
    • Pre-register now on Android with Google Play.
    • Collect cassettes to transform into a huge variety of monsters and wield your powers against them.

    Cassette Beasts, the collectible monster RPG, is opening pre-registration for Google Play ahead of its launch on June 4th. From publisher Raw Fury and Byton Studio, Cassette Beast’s innovative monster-fusing battle system has already hit PC and console, and now you’ll be able to experience it for yourself in the palm of your hand.

    Cassette Beasts is a combination of Pokémon and classic RPGs, where instead of collecting monsters for you to fight, you instead collect cassettes. you Explore a classic isometric RPG world inspired by the best role-playing games of the eighties and nineties, collect different cassettes and combine them to create different monsters to fight more powerful enemies.

    Please, back off

    Raw Fury has an incredibly strong track record of bringing great games to mobile that are platform-friendly. Cassette Beasts is also a particularly popular pick-up here at Pocket Gamer Towers, so we’re excited to see this game become more accessible to a wider audience.

    Whether or not you’re nostalgic for the eighties, cassettes and all that jazz, the mix of a classic isometric role-playing game and a more innovative take on the well-worn creature collection trope is sure to appeal to some. Will attract to see. .

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