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    Case Clicker is a traditional Roblox clicker game combined with a slot machine. Click to earn Case Bucks that you can then spend on opening cases. The more you spend on a case, the higher your chances of getting valuable rewards, but there’s also a chance that you’ll get something less than the case’s value. Trade your rewards with other players, sell them or use them to be the best player in Case Clicker.

    Case Clicker Codes can reward you with Case Bucks or Gems. Case Bucks help you open better cases for a chance at bigger rewards, while you can spend Gems to speed up the slot machine spin and allow you to get your rewards faster.

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    List of all case clicker codes

    Updated January 3, 2023

    Added a new code.

    Case Clicker Codes (Working)

    Here’s a look at all of the Case Clicker working codes.

    • CHRISTMAS2022—Redeem for 100 gems (New)

    Case Clicker Codes (Expired)

    These codes for Case Clicker no longer work:

    • BOAT—Redeem for 250 gems
    • MYBAD2022—Redeem for 250 gems
    • VALENTINE2022—Redeem for 100 gems
    • FINALLYNEWUPDATE—Redeem for 150 gems
    • FIRST UPDATE 2022—Redeem for 100 gems
    • BLACK MARKET—Redeem for 100 gems
    • NIGHTCLUB—Redeem for DJ Shades
    • 4 YEARS—Redeem for 50 gems
    • 70MVISITS—Redeem for a Santa Bag
    • LEVEL 20Redeem it for an exclusive hat!
    • 500K—Redeem for gems
    • NEWMAP—Redeem for 50 gems
    • 60MVISITS—Trade for Bighead
    • VALENTINE’S DAY2019—Redeem for 100 gems
    • CHRISTMAS2021—Redeem for 60 minute Gem Boost
    • TWITTER2021—Redeem for 60 minute Gem Boost
    • FOXSPLOITS—Redeem for Purple Hacker Hat
    • 1KONTIKTOK—Redeem for 100 gems

    How to Redeem Codes on Case Clicker

    Redeem codes for free rewards at case marker It is easy. Follow our guide below.

    Image from MyFullGames
    1. Launch Case Clicker in Roblox.
    2. press the gray setup gear to the right of the screen.
    3. In it text box that says [Find Promo Codes]enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
    4. press the blue REDEEM button below the code box to claim your reward!

    How can you get more Case Clicker codes?

    You can be sure we’re on the case by looking for Case Clicker Codes. But if you also want to explore more, you can start by joining the Skilled Studio LLC Roblox Group. you can also follow @Skilled_Studio and @SkilledGamesRBX on Twitter and join the Card Clicker Discord Server. Please note that joining and verifying on Discord will reward you with 250 Gems.

    Why aren’t my Case Clicker codes working?

    Having trouble with a Case Clicker code? First, check for typos. The best plan is to cut and paste the code directly from here, as that will avoid losing case or confusing a number with a letter. If it doesn’t work after that, it may have expired. Most Roblox codes do this at the end, and sadly that’s about it. But don’t despair. We are always looking for new codes, so check back with us soon.

    What are the minigames in Case Clicker?

    If you need a break from clicking on Case Clicker, you can do a few other things to earn Case Bucks. They also involve a wager, but offer some variety in the game. First, click on the joystick icon on the right of the screen. Next, decide which minigame to play:

    • Crash: You decide how many dollars to bet. A game starts every 30 seconds and once it starts you can withdraw money at any time. The market fluctuates between red and green. Can you click when you’re in the green and make a profit?
    • Boat: The more you put in, the better chance you have of winning the jackpot, lottery style.
    • Minesweeper: Choose three, five or seven mines. The further you go, the harder it is to win. Choose how much to risk, then click the squares (there are nine in all), hoping to avoid the mine and profit.

    What is Case Clicker?

    Case Clicker is as much a fruit machine as it is a clicker game, because if you get going earning good items that you can keep selling and trading to get the items you want. You can use many items you get, and there are places to sit and chat, making it a social game of dress up too. You also earn rewards simply for being in the game, while secret random rewards keep you on your toes.

    If you’re looking for codes for other games, we’ve got a bunch of them in our Roblox Game Codes to post! You can also get a lot of free stuff through our Roblox Promo Codes page.



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