Is Mizkif selling his house to another popular Twitch channel?



    Mizkif is planning to sell his house in Texas, and told viewers today that he recently received an inquiry from a familiar facebodybuilding streamer Knut Spildrejorde.

    Knut reached with Mizkif through direct messages that said he wanted to buy the house, and the co-founder of OTK found that proposition interesting.

    I kind of think that’s funny if Knut buys my house and starts singing in here, he said. Also, I’d really like Knut to buy my house. I think that that is funny for him to move in here, and then hell be streaming in this room. I don’t know what’ll be back in those bins but C4 and other shit and StreamElements merch.

    The Norwegian streamer collaborated with many One True King (OTK) members last year when he hosted Camp Knut, a 30-day bodybuilding experience documented by different IRL broadcasts.

    Although he is from Norway, it seems that he wants to lay down roots in the U.S. But according to Mizkif, he seems to want a little discount.

    He undercut my house about 50 percent of how much I told him its worth, he said. Sure, I just do another Camp Knut, and hell will make sure that it runs smoothly.

    We can’t tell yet what about Mizkifs story, and what was utterly joked, but fans shouldn’t be surprised if they start to see Knut in the same stream room as Mizkif in the same view.

    Over the weekend, Mizkif was suspended from his board duties in the OTK-run probe. Even though a neutral investigation revealed that Mizkif concealed any sexual assault claims, the group expressed disapproval of his actions during the incident, which started in the fall of last year. He was also rewarded by the lorry.



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