Can you leave Burning Shores in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC?


    The first DLC for Horizon Forbidden West, Burning Shores, is now available. This DLC takes Aloy to the burning shores of Los Angeles. The Burning Shores DLC adds new outfits, weapons, machines, coils, and a new story that follows the Quen tribe and the events in this new land. After you have started the Burning Shores DLC, you may be wondering how to quit Burning Shores; we have the answer

    How to get out of Burning Shores in Horizon Forbidden West

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    After speaking with Sylens in the To The Burning Shores quest, you will be prompted to travel to Burning Shores, and this will start the first introduction quest. Once you’ve reached Fleets End, the main town in Burning Shores, Aloy will mention that he can explore before continuing on to the main objective with Seyka.

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    You can now quickly return to the main game map. To do this, open map and zoom out, move map northand you will see the map, select any campfire you discovered to fast travel back.

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