Can you delete your character in Palia?


    If you’re wondering if you can delete your character in Palia, stick around, we have the answers for you.

    Palia has launched a round of player beta testing and whilst many are delighting in the new multiplayer RPG, others have made characters in haste and are now looking to delete their characters.

    Whether it’s an accidental name misspelling, or a character creation fail, many players are wondering if they can delete their characters and start the game again.

    Stick around and we’ll tell you all the info you need to know.

    Can you delete your character in Palia?

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    As of writing, there is no way to delete your character and restart your game of Palia.

    While the developer did offer name changes at the beginning of the beta, according to an alert on the FAQ page, it is no longer processing requests to change character names or selected character attributes (body type, face, skin tone, eye colour, or voice).

    This means that if you wanted to change your body frame from masculine to feminine or vice versa, or wanted to change your character’s physical traits, you are unfortunately stuck.

    The support page does address the issue at hand, however, and the developer has said it plans on adding the option to change character features in the future. We can most likely expect this at the full launch of the game.

    For now, you can change any other attributes including clothing at Jel’s shop or by interacting with any wardrobe in Palia.

    Via this in-game menu, you can change haircut and colour, make-up, clothing and choice of Glider skin.

    That’s everything we know so far about deleting characters in Palia. For more Palia tips and tricks check out our guide to the Ancient Battery riddle solution and progress through the main storyline.

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