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    Many players are frustrated after encountering the Fury Against Fate bug in Diablo 4 right now, but we’ve got all of the causes and fixes you’ll need to sort it out if it’s causing you trouble.

    For a game as large as Diablo 4 it is inevitable that a few bugs and glitches slip through the cracks, but this one in the game is really annoying to come up against. Furthermore, it seems to manifest in a number of different forms, so it is not just the one quick fix to rid yourself of the problem in the game.

    We have got all of the causes and fixes for the Fury Against Fate bug in Diablo 4 below though, so make sure to continue reading to sort yourself out.

    Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate bug causes

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    The main cause of the Fury Against Fate bug in Diablo 4 is the Gore-soaked Barricade which players will encounter when attempting to complete the ‘Clear the cannibal feeding ground’ section of the question.

    This barricade is supposed to take damage but takes no reaction to any player hits, and thus the quest becomes impossible to complete.

    There are a number of different fixes for this bug which indicates that there is no one single cause of the problem, so you are best just trying out all of the options below and hope that one of them solves the issue, allowing you to progress.

    How to fix the Fury Against Fate Gore-soaked Barricade bug in Diablo 4

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    Make sure to try all of the methods listed below if you’re looking to fix the Fury Against Fate bug in Diablo 4.

    Background FPS fix

    Here is what you’ll need to do for the background FPS fix:

    • Head to the Diablo 4 graphics settings and set the display mode to Windowed or Borderless Windowed
    • Set the background FPS slider all the way down to 1 FPS
    • Take your character back outside of the cave and log out of the game
    • Log back in, enter the cave, then alt-tab out of Diablo 4
    • Alt-tab back in and speak to Ealda
    • Finally, alt-tab back out one final time while the NPC dialogue continues and the problem should be fixed

    Abandon the quest

    Another fix that you can try for the Fury Against Fate bug in Diablo 4 is to abandon the quest and start it all over again. While this is a little frustrating, it is better than not being able to complete it in the first place.

    To do this, head to your journal in the game, select the Fury Against Fate quest, then select ‘Abandon’ to start it all over again.

    World Tier 1

    One somewhat simple fix could be switching to World Tier 1 if you are on any of the higher selections, as this can sometimes fix the issue. You can either do this from the menu when you first start up Diablo 4, or you can travel to Kyovashad and change it from the World Tier Statue there.

    Flayer’s Outpost event

    Another thing that you can check is whether there is currently an event happening at the Flayer’s Outpost, which is found just outside of the Wasting Hollow Dungeon entrance. This has a moderate chance of occurring when you are trying to do the quest and seems to be one of the causes of the blockage.

    All you need to do is head outside and complete the event to clear the bug if this is at the root of the issue. If it isn’t, at least you will have been able to pick up some Murmuring Obols in the meantime.

    Off and on again

    While this does seem rather obvious, the classic solution of turning the game off and on again can also solve the problem in some cases. At the very least it is a quick and easy thing to try out, so there’s no harm in giving this old faithful method a go.

    So, that’s everything you need to know about the Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate bug, giving you the latest causes and fixes so you can hopefully progress without any additional hurdles.

    Looking for more help in your journey through Sanctuary? Check out our Diablo homepage for all of the latest news and guides.


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