Can Azurill be Shiny in Pokemon GO?


    The cute Azurill is a very popular creature in Pokemon GO, so you might be wondering if the shiny Azurill is available in the game – and how to get its evolutions Marill and Azumarill.

    With Azurill Hatch Day in Pokemon GO happening in September 2023, many trainers will be hatching this cute baby Pokemon and enjoying the various bonuses the event has to offer.

    Before going shiny hunting, though, you’ll need to know if Shiny Azurill is available in Pokemon GO.

    Can Azurill be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

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    Thanks aspiring trainers, Azurill can be shiny in Pokemon GO.. This means that whether you’re hatching eggs daily in regular gameplay or through events like the September 2023 Azurill Hatch Day event, finding shiny Azurill is a possibility.

    Since Azurill can only be caught through Hatching Eggs in Pokemon GO, you’ll often need to spend a lot of time in trial and error with the standard odds of just getting the shiny type.

    It is therefore always important to look out for special events such as September Hatch Day for example. As clarified by Niantic. Azurill Hatch Day event pageNot only will Azurill spawn from 2km eggs more often in such events, but the chances of spawning a shiny version also increase.

    To tip the odds even more in your favor at all Hatch Day events, you can use bonuses for extra chances to get out of Shiny Azurill, such as getting more than 2km of eggs from roaming PokéStops. In addition, free and event-specific timed research can offer rewards such as the Research Super Incubator – which increases the distance required to hatch an egg by 0.67x, with three uses each.

    How to evolve Azurill in Pokemon GO

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    If you want to change your new shiny Azurill from Hatch Day or a green marl caught in normal gameplay and even a golden Azurill in Pokemon GO, all you have to do is 25 Marl Candy For each evolution.

    With an initial cost of 25 candies to convert Azoriel to marl, it’s surprisingly just another 25 marl candy for the end stage. So in total, it only takes 50 Marill Candy to turn your bright green Azurill into a golden Azumarill.

    Here’s everything you need to know about whether Azurill can shine in Pokemon GO.

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